MOMumental! A Book Giveaway

Passersby probably thoughts I was a total KOOK!
I was sitting on the beach, alone, reading a book & bustin’ out a ridiculously wide smile while tears puddled up in my eyes.
And the kicker in all this is that I was reading a “Mom book.”

You see, twenty years ago this summer I waddled through the 3rd trimester of my first pregnancy. A few days ago my youngest child finished kindergarten. And we have three other children in between these two, ages 7, 11 and 16. And because of these precious people I call “mine,” I’ve read a lot of “Mom books.”
and… Mom manuals.
Mom handbooks & devotionals.
Lots of books in the past 20 years!

Quite honestly, in the last 10 years or so, most of them have bored me and I’ve never quite made it to the last chapter. And come on…  when a young mom has a couple of kids that are still little she probably has a few bits of advice to share, but seriously… that Mom is still new herself!  (Maybe I’ve just had a bad attitude, of course I can learn from anyone/anywhere, but most of what I’d read was old news…. until…..)

THIS BOOK! It’s different….


-The author, Jennifer Grant, is my age, has four children, and the oldest is a teenager.
– She talks like I think.
– She doesn’t pretend to have all the answers.
– The book is organized into fun, quick read chapters.
– Even if I was interrupted by my kids about 13 times while I was reading just one paragraph, I could easily keep going.

In one chapter, her tongue-in-cheek terms for “mom-types” cracked me up but certainly rang a bell:
Green Mama, Slacker Mom, Stage Mom, Helicopter Mom, etc..

There’s so many other things that I completely related to; and concepts I’d never thought of before; and new inspiration.
I’m so grateful that I read this book… and NOW… have the opportunity to give away a copy.. maybe to YOU!

Wanna win?
I’m giving it away next Friday by random selection.  Here’s all that you have to do:
– In the comments below,just tell me one Mothering subject you think people would/should enjoy discussing
– and be sure that you fill in all the info when leaving that comment… you know… so I can contact you if you’re the winner. 🙂

(This is so fun!)


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19 thoughts on “MOMumental! A Book Giveaway

  1. I’d like to see a nice, gracious discussion on why we have to have so much “mommy wars” going on & why can’t moms be more encouraging to each other. It’s so common & I’d like to all just get along & help each other out. I’d love to read this book. Thanks!

  2. This is a great prompt, Netta, and I love reading the responses. I’m all with Ruth about the Mommy Wars – so often just fabricated, right? My book has a lot about removing labels, seeing moms as the complex people we are, and not judging ourselves or others so harshly.

    Thanks Netta, too, for the review and for being in contact!

    PS: To Lynn – I’m at work on a book idea on multitasking – so with you on trying to puzzle that out!

    • I’ve never really seen/heard anyone else call it like it is – Mommy Wars IS mostly fabricated! Such a lot of drama, maybe because people think it needs to be there? Thanks for responding. Looking forward to reading your book either way. 🙂

  3. I would love to have someone talk about how SAHM and Full time working moms can all get along and not think one is better then the other. seems like your either in one group or the other and that not often do those 2 groups merge..

  4. I would also l-o-v-e to see some discussion on the “PERFECT” Mommy discussions. I don’t know about any of you but recently I’ve had these discussions w/both my Mom (& now my Mom-n-Law) about how they we’re the ‘PERFECT’ Mom. How they were NEVER late (even w/kids); Their kids NEVER acted up and they NEVER had to tell their children to stop doing something more than once. But, of course they we’re PERFECT and so were their kids. I mean come on look at me….Now a Mommy w/two kids under the age of ten and I’m still ‘A Mommy in the Making.’ 😉

    By no means do I want to sound ungrateful…I am thakful for my Mom(s) who’ve raised the bar EXTREMELY HIGH. I too realize that of course I too can learn from anyone/anywhere (including my Moms) But, a REALLY GOOD Moms Book would be a good read right about NOW!

  5. Sounds like an awesome book!
    I’d like to see a discussion about how to take care of ourselves, so that we can be the best mommies we can be. Being a mom IS all about sacrifice, but if we’re unhealthy somehow we’re not giving our families our best anyway. They’re worth it, and so are we!

  6. I would love to see discussion about embracing the moment. No matter how crazy, hectic, busy, or even slow a stage of mommyhood seems, I believe there are great things to be gained from each stage. Too often I think we complain so much in the moment and look to that “next stage” that this stage were in is lost in inconsequential frustrations… Thanks Netta for the post!

  7. I like the working vs SAH mom idea! Also, just how to stay engaged in our community in creative/low-stress ways.

    for instance – As a big sister to a new mom I THOROUGHLY enjoy keeping an eye on my nephew while talking to my sister who is doing her dishes(one of her favorite chores 🙂 )

    Or how ’bout this – When I was growing up, it wasn’t at all uncommon for one of my mom’s friends to “invite herself over” because they had fewer kids to cart around, making it easier for Mum.

    Ok – maybe this would actually be a book for us non-mom’s on how to best be a blessing to our mom friends 🙂

  8. I’m with you, Netta. As a mom of four wonderful (most the time) children ranging from 17 to 8, I have read many parenting books. I think there needs to be a serious discussion on how we are not fit to be parents in our own strength but need to daily surrender to God and allow Him to parent through us. After all, they are not our children but God’s so why not depend on Him for our every need as “we” raise our kids and allow Him to love them through us?!

  9. I would love to read about ways to deal with insecurity in motherhood. I’m constantly second guessing myself every step of the way and I never thought I would have so much guilt about so many little things.

  10. Oh nice! I guess I didn’t realize you have FIVE kids! Hi super mom!! I just have the one right now and don’t know how mom’s out there with more than one do it! I was skimming the comments and I think the idea of SAHM thing is what I want to know more about since I am one right now and struggling with how to deal with all the issues that go with being a SAHM. Also, one of my prayers for him since before he was born was to raise him to be a Godly man and how to do that.

    Thanks for the giveaway Netta!

  11. Hi! So glad you enjoyed the book! I enjoyed reading the first few comments here…but have to admit I didn’t read them all! So – I might be repeating what someone else said…
    I’d like to be a part of a discussion regarding how being a Mom isn’t just about nurturing our children to grow hearts after God – it’s about a process that transforms and matures the Moms, as well!!

  12. An excellent review. I’ve read this book too and I agree, I love Jennifer Grant’s honest, conversational style. Reading it felt like listening to a good friend, who gave me permission to not only embrace the chaos of motherhood but also to be intentional about the things that really matter. What a great book. I also love Jennifer’s blog at

  13. The first thing that came to my mind was how to organize our time as stay at home (or working) moms. I’d love to hear how other moms use their time to cook, clean, rest, spend time with God, have relationships, workout, be the best moms they can be to their kids/wife to their husbands and so much more. I know there’s no one answer for everyone, but I’d love to hear about it!

  14. For me it would have to be how to be “Here in the moment” when you are trying to do many things at once and your child is trying to tell you something, read to you, or what ever else is very important to them at that instant.

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