More Crying!?

It’s been a long road.
It was July of last year that God spoke to us that “He had need of us elsewhere,”
and we began our transition. That’s been a while… Like TEN months!
(Note: one more week until we join Chilly in Vermont permanently! YAY!)

Lots of hurdles & zillions of emotions…
-some of them float past quickly
-some hang on too long
-some of them just straight up smack me in the face!

This morning as I sat with Jesus & His Word, and cried
(like I have every single morning for months & months),
we had this conversation:

“Lord I’m so tired and so sorry that I’ve sat here every morning
for so long and just ended up crying.”

He very quietly and simply responded,
“This is where you find your strength.”

Then I felt His smile!

“He will keep you strong until the end…” 1 Cor 1:8

2 thoughts on “More Crying!?

  1. Sometimes tears are all we have left at that moment. They are a precious and refreshing gift. A “shower” for new growth! I think Jesus saves our tears to use as the jewels in our heavenly crown. Yours will be amazing my precious friend. You and Jesus got this!! Love you, Cindy Steel

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