Mother’s Day 2010

Many GREAT things can be said about my Mom, Martha Hoke.
Here’s just a few:
– Taught me about JESUS!
– Read her Bible every morning (I know cuz I used to check
to see if her bookmark moved daily… it did!)
-Taught me to smile evening if I don’t feel like it
– Showed me how to cook
– Used to get up super early so she could have
breakfast ready for us (she still gets up early)
– Made my wedding gown (and I got married in the 80’s
so it was over-the-top covered in details, including a huge
letter “C” in the train made of lace & beads, etc!)
– Used to put out the “Happy Birthday” table cloth
every year for the day & made all my favorite meals
– Didn’t hesitate to let me “help” her do just about
anything regardless of my young age or lacking
– As I was growing up, I never remember feeling like I was burden to her
Thank you!!!
(and there’s so much more that I could say!)

(My Mom & me this past winter)
Many GREAT things can be said about my Mom-in-Law, Lyn Chilton!
Here’s just a few:
– Loves my Husband with all her heart
– Has treated me like a daughter from the beginning
– Has never insulted or put-down my efforts as a wife/mom
– Laughs often
– Remains an example of a Woman-in-Ministy
– Smiles often
– Has given me many cookbooks from her vast collection
(and now her oldest granddaughter is about to inherit a few)
– Doesn’t seem to mind that I tweek the “Chilton Family Recipes”
to fit our family a little better
– Helped me cook my first Missionary Fund Raiser
(Speed the Light Dinner) for about 150 people
(a big pot of Chilton Chili)
There’s so much more that could be said about you,
Mom Chilton.
I love you!
Thank you!

Mom Chilton with her Grandkids in Aug. 2009

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