Moving for the 18th time

Moving kinda makes me giddy.
Fresh start.

Since I went away to college I’ve lived in 17 different
places. Now, next weekend we’ll be moving into my
18th. (If you’re confused, please see this post)
Lived in 7 states.
Besides my childhood home (where my Mom still lives)
the longest I’ve had an address is 5 yrs…. a huge record.
Up until that, it was only 3 yrs.

I’ve filled the back of a red & white striped Suburban to

drive several states away,
carried dressers across a small college campus,
moved across the hall, or up to the next floor,
had a U-Haul, enjoyed professional packers…

Moved as a newly wed when all my stuff was brand new,
moved in the winter while it was snowing,

moved while 71/2 months pregnant,
moved with a newborn,

moved while my husband was outa the country and once
while he was outa state… etc…

What do I do first? Next?

1. Go dumpster diving for boxes
2. Clean out closets
3. Clean out weird cluttered corners
4. Pack stuff off that hangs on the walls
5. Use my organizer a lot MORE!
6. Adjust & readjust my expectations of myself
7. Adjust & readjust my expectations of situations
8. Continue to adjust & keep deciding to “just go with it”

My best suggestion is to just take a deep breath.
The important stuff really does get done.
Everything else will just fall into place…
or else it just doesn’t need to be.

Eat more convenience foods than usual.

And MOST importantly…
keep reading The Word & hanging with Jesus everyday!

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