My Friend looks like a Cookie

There’s a lot of sweets that I can easily resist… ok, not A LOT, but some.

But one treat that’s on the top of my list?

Homemade SUGAR COOKIES with colorful frosting & sprinkles!  mmm

These cookies resemble my many friends. Let me ‘splain. (Princess Bride word)

Cookies & Friends are:


Different Sizes & shapes

Though similar, never exactly the same as another

Some have broken hearts from time -to-time

Sometimes they break your heart

Some of them just aren’t “all there” (interrupt that as you may)

Some are wrinkled (don’t be offended, it just happens)

Decorated in various colors & sprinkled with joy and laughter

As much as I enjoy cookies & love my friends, they share another thing

in common:  They cannot meet all my needs!

Cookies obviously CANNOT be the ONLY thing in my diet.

Friends CANNOT be my only source of encouragement, strength or fun.

My relationship with JESUS must be my MAIN source.

HE fills me up & cares for me like no one else.

So while I’m trying to resist the temptation to snarf down another

adorable Valentine Cookie I’ll be reminding myself,

“Jesus fills me up and His joy is my strength!”

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