Netta’s Niche – Denim Obsession

Denim… old jeans… pile up around our house.

Huge holes in the knees.

Ripped out back pockets. Broken zippers. etc…

But I just cannot get myself to throw them away.

It’s such good fabric.

So, I do things like this…


Made from my husband’s old jeans..

one of several little bags to hold toys:

a small set of tiny blocks …






or small potato head toys…-


A pillow for my friend’s

little boy…






We’ve even made picture frames

from old denim and cardboard





The duvet covers I made for

the boys a couple of years ago…

they’re denim on the top &  flannel

on the underneath side.

(The quilts inside are their older

sisters’ old comforters… more recycling)


The legs of jeans make nice

laundry bags, too.


It’s sturdy.

It’s cute.

It looks kinda pottery barn-ish… (except it’s FREE!) and

Since there are so many pairs of jeans that need a new purpose…

I wonder what else I can come up with.

Have you  made anything from old jeans?






28 thoughts on “Netta’s Niche – Denim Obsession

  1. Wow. You are simply amazing. Very impressed. I want some denim bags for little toy parts. That’s ingenious!

  2. Awesome! I have a pile of jeans sitting on my dresser because I KNOW they must have another use. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Very cute I love all the ideas, maybe I will have to try some. The only thing I can think of that has been made out of jeans in our house was my daughter Ella took a top of a pair of jeans and closed of the legs and then hung them on her wall. The main part is for notebooks and the pockets are for pencils.


    I made a bag out of a pair of black immitation velvet pants when I was a teenager. It was epic and I loved it!

    I also STARTED a bag for Baby Girl with a felt owl on the front… I need to go finnish it!

    PS – I LOVE the pics of the boys in the frame! Thay are so stinkin’ CUTE!

    PPS – I’m with Pants… totally unworthy… but, totally blessed! You rock my face off! 🙂

    • I’m lovin’ the “black imitation velvet pants” part. I think Andrea has some pants that fit that description except that they’re shiny silver. Maybe we can convince her to make those into something else… ANYTHING else! hee hee

  5. You never cease 2 amaze me! God’s graced u w/such creativity…But, nope haven’t made anything yet. But they’re piling up. Waiting on that denim 101 (smile) just longing 2 make one of those blankets 4 Amir. Would go great w/both his pillow and picture frame.

  6. Love it! I’ve noticed in recent trips to target and the like that cut off jeans shorts are the new style for this summer. My boys are going to be so in style because we have a TON of jeans with holes in the knees from this winter, so I am going to turn them into cut-offs. LOVE the duvet covers by the way! Matt says you should sell this stuff!

  7. It makes me happy to see how creative you are–even though you hated it when I made U learn how to sew–remember?

    You are GREAT!!!

    Mom Hoke

  8. I use one old pair as repair material for a newly “holed” pair. I tried iron on patches…waste of time when it comes to Jay. Now I turn the torn ones inside out cut a piece of denim bigger than the hole and quickly hand stitch it over the hole from the inside…no one sees this side so it doesn’t have to be pretty. Sure helps to keep the knees from getting skinned up where the hole was.

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