Netta’s Niche – Homemade Tortillas

Several weeks ago: “Oh stink! I forgot to buy tortillas this week!.”

So, I searched the web for a yummy tortilla recipe.

As you know, I almost NEVER follow a recipe exactly,

and after I’ve made it a few times it’s usually tweaked & changed it into

my own unique version of the it.  And so it is with this recipe.

It’s super yummy & the  whole family really likes them.

They’re not hard.

They’re warm & fresh.

They’re whole wheat.

They’re even a nice crust for mini pizzas. mmm

Whole Wheat Homemade Tortillas

4 Cups of flour (use at least 2 C of W.Wheat)

3 t baking powder

2 t salt

4 t veggie oil

1 1/2 C warm milk (or just under 2/3 C powder milk & 1 1/2 C water)

Mix the DRY stuff together.

Mix the WET stuff & then add to the dry.

(I like to use the dough hook on my mixer,

but it should work OK with regular beaters, too)

Let the dough sit for 20 min.

(it’s easier to work with when it sits for a while)

Pinch  into small balls.

Roll each of the balls out on a floured surface.

On a DRY skillet or grittle, Cook a couple minutes on each side.

(They’ll be slightly browned w/darker brown spots)

*The pic at the top of this post is from a time when I made little tiny

ones so we could have mini tacos. My little boys loved’um!

7 thoughts on “Netta’s Niche – Homemade Tortillas

  1. I tried making tortillas once. They flopped. They were hard and too thick. But your recipe seems a little different. I usually don’t follow recipes to a “T” either, but I will do this one exactly since you say it’s so good. 🙂 thanks for posting it!

  2. We dropped something off at your house and anthony brought one out to me one day when you were making them. They were SOOOO good! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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