Netta’s Niche – Laundry Bags

A few months ago I decided that the
“ghetto-rigged” laundry shoot I made
out of a duct pipe & duct tape suspended down
the basement stairs just wasn’t doing the
job anymore. We needed laundry hampers/bags
in each bedroom.

But there’s a couple of problems with that…
1. Bedrooms are SO small
2. Even if I got laundry bags for $5 each
that’s still more money than I wanna spend.
(and the $5 bags are ugly, too)


Quickly made laundry bags sewn from
old clothes, used sheets and unused fabric
from previous projects.

The boys’ bag (pic above) is made from the
pantlegs of husband’s old jeans.

This one was a designer flat sheet (above)
I got for $5 about 5 years ago. It was
made into a crib dust ruffle & curtain
trim. Now it’s been remade once more
into a laundry bag for our room.

This adorable little bag is the one I
DID NOT make… because my sweet
daughter, Zoe (pictured), made it herself
for her room. She used fabric from our
huge storage tubs filled with leftovers &
unused portions of fabric.

I’m so proud of her! (and special thanks to
our friend, Jennifer, you has truly taught
all three of girls to sew beautiful things
with great skill and precision!)

So, the final cost of our new laundry bags…
$0 out of pocket!

(and it’s a “Green” project, too… recycling at it best!)

Final note- My older girls do their own laundry and
have their own baskets & systems for doing it!
Training & delegating at work!

3 thoughts on “Netta’s Niche – Laundry Bags

  1. Very cute! (Well, the boys' is "cool", not "cute".) 🙂 What a great idea! Almost making me wish I kept my sewing machine… Great job, Netta & Zoe! (And great job posing, Max!)

  2. so cute! Great Idea!! I think I might do that with some of my girls in youth Group! their clothes are always ALL OVER on every trip, how great would it be if they could make their own laundry bags for each trip!

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