Netta’s Niche- Sweet Tea


















Chilly had this blue pitcher in his apartment for a long time

when he was still a bachelor. And now, after almost 22 years,

of marriage it is STILL our ice tea pitcher. (They don’t make’um

like they used to. Ha!)

Friends, old & new, soon learn that the blue pitcher in the frig

is & will always be Iced Tea. And they seem to love it. Ask for it.

and act almost getty when it’s offered.. well, at least the guys do,

but it’s usually right after they’ve helped with yard work or something. 🙂

It’s cheap. Easy. And we drink a gallon or more daily in the warm months.


Here’s how I make  “Swaat Tay!”

Get a ONE gallon pitcher (plastic is safest)

Put in 10-12 regular ‘ol black tea bags

Add a couple cups of boiling water to to tea bags

Let it steep for 15 min or MORE!  (I usually forget about it & it
ends up steeping for a hour or so… hmm, maybe that’s why we like it so much!)

Remove tea bags.

Add ONE cup of Splenda (or the wonderful & cheaper substitutes)

Now fill the pitcher all the way full (gallon total)


Serve with lots of ice.

(Keep it in the frig)



6 thoughts on “Netta’s Niche- Sweet Tea

  1. I don’t care for sweet tea, but I love that you still use that pitcher. Sometimes the older items really can’t be beat! (and I bet it’s awesome tea!)

  2. I like my tea without the sweet (I try to say that I’m sweet enough lol),

    but I too love the old pitcher, I have my gram’s old potato salad bowl, I think it’s from 1923 or somthing (not really), but I love that it’s old and has been in the family that long, I hope someday Phyllis loves it that much too!

  3. Love this! My mom used to make sun tea in a glass gallon jug in the backyard. I need to find me one of those jugs!


  4. We LOVE sweet tea but I have yet to make it well!! I am taking your “recipe” and trying it. Oh I hope it works! If it does my hubby will be one happy camper!!

  5. So today I was in the need of some iced tea. I took your recipe and instead of using boiling water, I have sat it outside – as it is super hot hot hot! 🙂
    Ill let you know how it tastes! love ya!

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