NO Drama (or Disney)

Girls are dramatic. It’s not a secret.
But at our house we don’t encourage it or
allow it, and it doesn’t get the response that
the “dramatic one” is hoping for in the first place.

No more drama

Our culture tells us it’s OK to be grouchy,
mean, flip out, gossip, stomp, yell, etc…
and if you’re a girl you get a free pass to this
behavior at least 5 days a month.
NONE of this behavior reflects JESUS!
You cannot find a free pass to pouting
and selfishness in God’s Word
no matter the time of month,
or year or day!

Sadly, we’ve come to discover that most
of the shows on the Disney channel (and Nick, too)
seem to glorify this ridiculous behavior all year long.
Note: This doesn’t include the preschool shows
or the great “Phineas and Ferb.”
But most of the sitcoms directed towards
older elementary/middle school kids are full
of undisciplined & unnecessary
drama, lying, disrespect towards all authority,
boyfriend/girlfriend garbage and a host of other
subjects that we are NOT willing to dump into
our kids’ lives.

This makes me sad… but we’ve drawn a line.
Truthfully there’s very little programming aimed
at this particular age group that merits a second
of our time.  (Such a bummer, too, cuz some of those
shows have really cool decor on their “set” houses!
Like… a denim carpet made from old jeans!  What?)
I’ll just have to google/bing those decor things cuz we 
certainly will NOT be watching the shows just so
I can have a tiny peak at the carpet.)

Drama happens.  We’re passionate people.
Hopefully our children will learn how to respond
appropriately to whatever life brings.  Yes,





4 thoughts on “NO Drama (or Disney)

  1. Amen! Such a good word. Simply confirming that which God has been dealing with me about and NOT just about the shows. But even more importantly the importance of my (our) setting the example of NOT reacting in anger, rather…always responding Appropriately, in Love. Patiently. Kindly and Godly.

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