Overrun with Imperfection


I haven’t worn make-up for 3 of the past 5 days.


Our dining room table looks like a library threw up on it.


My electronics (aka computer, phone, internet,etc) forced me to rename them.


I’ve stopped for groceries 3 times but have failed to buy 1/2 of what’s

actually written on my list, so our meal choices are pretty dumb.


My oldest daughter leaves for school next week…

(no words about that right now, just feelings)

The cute wedding gift-project that I want to make for our friends

is taunting me because I haven’t started it yet, and because my

ideas always exceed my talent & time.


My neck hurts from leaning over school books & planning lessons.

Our lovely house cries out for a good clean, but remains unheard.

The beautiful summer weather is gone & I’m kinda mad at myself for

not being excited about fall. It’s my favorite season, but I’ve apparentently

forgotten that tid bit of info about myself.

We start home school in a few days  (I know.. it’s later than you) and

until I get it all planned out… things are kinda rough.

If you’re feeling poopy about yourself;

Incase you’ve been reading all those blog sites where everyone is

creative, gorgeous and totally organized in every area…

Well, ha!

Let’s be REAL.

Real stuff happens.

And sometimes we just hafta say it… and laugh. It just helps!

(And, saying “poopy” a few times also proves quite helpful, too!

A lesson I learned in Jr. High!)


Here’s the little phrase that God’s been reminding me this week:

Grace in Action

My imperfections are huge.

My Jesus is “huge-er” and totally Perfect in every way!











8 thoughts on “Overrun with Imperfection

  1. Thanks for not being perfect! i feel poopy imperfect all the time and you seem so awesome! thanks for being poopy! lol! and fyi! i love love love grocery shopping if you want me to go sunday afternoon for you!

  2. Ha! Love it Netta!!

    Im so thankful that we do not have to strive for perfection! And I am super grateful that God sees us as we are but still chooses to love us! The amazing gift of grace!

  3. I’ll bet library puke smells AWESOME! 🙂

    Love you! Thanks for being REAL… which in this case means…

    (and my favorite)

    love and hugs and prayers

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