Menu Plan Monday, Feb. 17, 2014

MONDAY – President’s Day
Lunch- George Washington’s Hoecakes
Dinner – Abe Lincoln’s Chicken Fricassee

Chicken & Dumplings

Meatballs in the Crock Pot
Spaghetti noodles
Green Beans

Buffalo Corn Chowder
(I add chicken to this)

Homemade W. Wheat Pizza

Ranch Dorio Casserole

Swedish Meatballs
Homemade Noodles

Read it Backwards

First… read this scripture as it’s written.

Isaiah 26:3 “You will keep in perfect peace
all who trust in You,
all whose thoughts are fixed on You.”

This is written TO God. Now, let’s look at
this prayer backwards to see what it means.


First, I must discipline my mind to focus on HIS Truth!
(Truth = God’s Word/Jesus). His Truth gives me the ability
to focus on Him. The more I fill my head & heart
with HIS Truth the more I can think about Him.
(It’s a lovely, live-giving cycle)


Because I fix my thoughts on His Truth,
I then learn to trust Him more & more.
It starts to come more quickly
and becomes a part of my nature.

Perfect PEACE

Because I’ve fixed my gaze (concentration &
motivation) on Jesus so completely,
I am not shaken when craziness happens.

So, starting at the end of the verse & working our
way up we realize that if we
TRUST which

It all starts with Training ourselves to trust
(having faith).
FAITH is certainly a gift from God, but just as the
Olympic athletes are talented & gifted, they have to
train and be very disciplined. They cannot rely only
on their gift.
God has given you faith, if you’ve dedicated yourself
to Him, but it takes daily time reading & studying
and applying His Word (The Bible) to grow our
faith. Then we’ll be joyfully surprised at our
ability to trust & have peace when the
hardships hit.

Recently Overheard, Feb. 12, 2014

Years ago my friend told me it would probably be hilarious
to hear the stuff that was said at our house. I agreed.
Here’s a few of them…

(While driving two hours out of Detroit:)
“Look! There’s CORN! Mom, are we in Iowa now?”

“Mom, I’ll just come over here and sit by you.
Cuz at church they teach us to sit by the unpopular people. ha!”

“I’m so glad they invented something called LEGOS”

“Wow! Look at all that nice toilet paper!
Our bums are gunna be happy and dance!”

“Did you hear what I gave Courtney for her bday? I gave her 18 dimes in a raisin box.
Well actually it was 16 dimes and four nickels cuz I didn’t have enough dimes.”
(Where did you get the raisin box?)
“It was in one of my drawers. and who doesn’t like their money smelling like raisins.”

“If Science had a face it would be a serious one.
If Social Studies had a face it would a smirk.
If Language had a face it would be happy one.
If Math had a face it would be a mad face.
If Ed Tech had a face it would be sobbing.”

Recently Overheard, Feb. 4, 2014

If you’d been around our family in recent weeks you would’ve
heard the following statements (along with many, many others)
that my have cracked you up, amazed you or left you wondering.

“I do NOT wanna eat at that restaurant.
It’s like having someone punch you in the stomach for a hour!”

“God gave me 3-D polka dot on my shoulder.”

“Oh… I have to get up really early for work tmrrw.
Being an adult is hard! I just wanna be a dog!”

(We’ve always been a MAC computer family, but this
fall we added some PCs to our family, too.)
“These PC computers look like the old play Barbie
computers we used to have.”

“My stomach is full of those terds.”
(“Curds honey. Cheese curds.”)

ICK! There’s a spider near your shoulder!!!
OH, well, let’s just put it
on that giant zit on Mom’s face,
cuz it’s babies are probably inside!

(While listening to a Muppet Movie (but not being able to SEE it):
“Mom, these annoying voices are exactly what Middle School
boys sound like!”

“No matter how sweet takin’ or romantic a boy is, at the end of
the day he’s gunna home and make fart noices. ugh”

Menu Plan Monday, Feb 3, 2014



Homemade Mac & Cheese
Fruit, Green pepper slices

Meatballs in Chili/Cranberry Sauce
Carrot & celery sticks, blue cheese dip

Chili over Mashed potatoes

Homemade W. Wheat Veggie Pizza

French Dip Sandwiches
Fruit, chips

Crock Pot Chicken Enchiladas


“Insecurity and jealousy cause division.”Chilly

(spoken during an evening teaching at Courage Church)

Our culture treats insecurity as a “condition” that
we didn’t cause and cannot escape, but only learn to live with.
However, a REAL relationship with Jesus changes those “issues.”
Surrender to
His plan,
His demand that we forgive,
His leading and our following, etc…
will bring about the death of those stupid insecurities that
we’ve grown so close to over the years.

Did you carefully read that quote at the top of this post?
Yucky stuff happens when we accept our insecurities & allow
jealousy to live in us.
Division… That means
Unnecessary loneliness.
All this messes up other people AND damages us, too!

The beginning of freedom from insecurity is confession.
Yes…it’s a strong word to treat such a tender “condition.”
Realizing that insecurity thinks about SELF continually,
and realizing that continually thinking about self actually breaks
the very first commandment should lead us right into confession.

“Jesus, forgive me of selfishness. It is the exact opposite
of YOU. It sickens me and I’m sorry. Please renew the way I
think as I read Your WORD and form me into a life that
looks like You! Thank you, Jesus!”

Allowing The Word of God to change us will keep insecurities
from robbing, stealing, destroying and dividing.

Menu Plan Monday, Jan 20, 2014


Lunch- TBA
Dinner – MLK’s favorites
Fried Chicken, Mac & Cheese (& gr. beans)

Lunch- Do Overs, Black Berries
Dinner – Crock Pot Beef Stew

Lunch – Egg Salad, apple slices
Dinner- Penne’ A la Betsy (A chicken version of this, probably), Steamed Broccoli

Lunch – Broccoli Cheddar Soup
Dinner- Taco Bowls

Lunch – Buffalo Chicken Salad
Dinner – Homemade Pizza

Lunch- eggs, toast
Dinner- Chicken Gumbo over Rice

Lunch – Crock Pot Cowboy Casserole
Dinner- Grilled Cheese, fruit

Plenty more ideas and recipe links at

She Did What She Could

I’m enjoying several reading plans this month and some wonderful “extras!”
Together, our church is reading YouVersion’s 21 Day Fast , and I’m also lovin’ some wonderful videos & blogs from Mount Hope Church (who recently adopted Courage Church!!!! YIPPEE!)

One thing I read today did a little zing in my heart. Here’s the tiny verse
and then my thoughts are following.

Mark 14:8a


(The “SHE” in this verse is the lady who broke her expensive perfume and anointed
Jesus before his crucifixion and burial. She took criticism from people…
but not Jesus. He said “She did what she could.”)

-The people around that table that evening seemed far more qualified to minister
to Jesus than she, yet that didn’t stop her.

– Her sacrifice seemed “unspiritual” and lacking wisdom. (It was not!)

– She could have done many other things with that perfume, and other people
(even the “Christ-followers”) would probably have admired her for doing it.
But she chose to bless Jesus and not be affected by the others’ opinions.

– She let go of what had once been very special to her (and her culture),
because Jesus was now far more important that cultural customs & standards.

– Humility preceded this act of love.


After realizing these truths this morning I started writing down “what I could do”
for Jesus that He sees value in, even if others do not.

Most things on my list were non-exciting, normal, daily and
“not-very-spiritual-looking.” Each one required humility, even demanded it.
(insert big SIGH here)
Others won’t notice and probably won’t even see it happening. If they do see,
they may criticize me. I may appear lazy, ridiculous and lacking in judgement.
And yet…
If these are the things that Jesus sees value in now, and asks of me,
then how can I discount their importance?
On Sunday in his sermon, (1-5-14) Chilly said,
“Our job is doing God’s purpose!”

Everywhere I look, every blog I read & pinterest I view, I’m told what I need to do to be
valuable and successful. But Mark 14:8 tells me that Jesus values my willingness to
“do what I can” for Him & directed by Him.

Menu Plan Monday, Dec. 30, 2013


Lunch- Homemade Mac & Cheese
Dinner- Taco Bowls

Lunch- Ham Sandwiches, fruit
Dinner- Make your own Pizzas

Lunch- on your own
Dinner- Beef Wellington, Broccoli, Creamed Potatoes

Lunch- Cornbread Salad
Dinner – TBA

Lunch – Chopped Salad, tiny sandwiches
Dinner – Messy Max’s (aka – sloppy joes)

Lunch- Eggs
Dinner – Cowboy Crock pot Casserole

Lunch – Buffalo Corn Chowder & homemade Bread
Dinner – Turkey Lettuce Wraps

for a zillion more ideas see

I’m a Boring Shopper

Maybe I’m just too practical, but
I buy boring Christmas presents.

My brain thinks ahead
“Can they use this in more than one way?”
“Will it still be appealing in six months?”
“Will it drive their parents crazy?”

I guess that may NOT be what most people
think when they’re Christmas shopping, but
being a good steward of our money stays
with me… always… in every area… including…

This year our church has adopted several families
and will be providing a wide range of gifts
to care for a variety of needs in their families-
clothing for each member
shoes & socks
household necessities
gift cards
and of course TOYS!
(a 15 passenger van FULL of toys was kindly
provided by Rochester Michigan Assembly of God!)

Everyone has eagerly grabbed up the cards
that describe one of the needs in each family.
I happily took some cards for children’s clothing.
(I have a little experience with this, huh?)

I wanted to buy great striped or patterned
sweatshirts and funky jeans & tennis shoes.
Then, “Practical” kicked in.
It’s more than likely that whatever we buy
for these children will be worn several times
a week. So… stripes and patterns are going to
be rather obvious and possibly invite teasing
(which they may already be enduring).
Enter “Boring Practical Shopper Lady!”


Basic colors that won’t be too obvious if worn often.
Jeans that are dark & won’t show as much dirt, crayon marks,etc.
Boot shoes. Not snowboots,
but OK if worn when snow is on the ground,
yet still a shoe.

Not exciting.
But then again, maybe it’s because most of
us have MORE than our basic needs met.

Thank you, Lord, for meeting our needs
and allowing us to share!