Recently Overheard


If you’d been at our house recently you may have overheard the following things being said.


Child: “Wanna play Egyptian Chicken?”

Me:”What’s that?”

Child:”You yell EGYPTIAN and run around like a chicken!”


“Hey mom. Wanna watch this show? It’s about the 80’s.”
“This isn’t the 80’s it’s the 50’s just for the record.”
“Oh… anything old seems like the 80’s.”


“Hey mom, who was president when you were born… John Adams?”


This isn’t a funnel, it’s a unicorn helmet.


Someone busted out singing “All Things Bright and Beautful” and then
someone else said,”Aldi is beautiful?”


“Guess what  I’m listening to on my headphones?”
“Sign language?”


While eating dinner:  “I told you to take off those dirty socks when you came in the door…”
“WAIT… not NOW!  Take your feet OFF the table!”



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