Simultaneously Sad AND Happy

happy sad

I’m not Whacked out.
Sad AND Happy live side-by-side in me.
It’s sound like a bit of a “condition,
but quite honestly,
this combo of emotions screams,

Here’s why…

God has directed my husband to transition from the role
as founding/lead pastor of Courage Church to
joining the team of Mount Hope Church in Lansing , Michigan
full-time. ( More details are here)
To say that my emotions are zipping around from one
extreme to the other is stating it rather lightly.

Feeling sad & nostalgic …
– Over 10 years ago God directed us to start
this wonderful Church in Detroit.
– Was here when she, Courage Church, was born
– Have been involved in its growth & maturity
– Love & adore the people of Courage Church
– Now… it’s time to let her continue without us
– So much history with our Courage Family
– Saying goodbye to the hardcore, super cool, come-back city
– two of our children were born here
– our gorgeous old historic home must now be sold
– we raised our oldest girls in this city
– those two girls will not be making to move with us
– personally growing in a zillion ways & making huge memories
– there is nothing quite like this amazing church & city

And just like that… My eyes are spilling all over the place!

But at the same time a happy, bubbling dances inside my heart.
God has asked us to be a part of something new…

– Falling in love with another church family
– Experiencing new areas & ways of ministry
– Knowing God will develop unused parts of my life
– Making new friends to share our lives with
– Becoming part of a new city
– Hunting for a home
– Establishing new patterns
– Making new memories

And… just like that… I’m all gitty and jumpy inside!

I’m not pschyo … it’s supposed to be this way!
If I was ONLY sad, then I’d be hanging on too tightly,
and now allowing God to do His work in my heart.

If I was ONLY happy then I’d be running from something
and not allowing God to do His work in my heart.

See…. These roller coaster emotions prove HEALTH.
They only FEEL whacky…
Maybe that’s because I’m living in a condition of the heart
that is only about a sentence and a half away from tears
at any moment.
But I’m OK with it all.
I know the One who is directing our steps and
He’s the same One who created my heart!
As long as this heart of mine is following diligently
after Him, then sad AND happy will be just fine with me.

14 thoughts on “Simultaneously Sad AND Happy

    • Thanks, KA!
      You are such a HUGE part of the zillions of wonderful things that God has done here in Detroit in the past years! You’re a Lovely part of our family memories! Miss you! Thanks for praying!

  1. So beautifully said! And almost as good as catching up on the phone- almost! 😉 next week, I hope! I love you and am excited with you!

    • Oh Trish!
      Your comments & prayers mean SO much! You are a part of all that I do because of your mentorship & the love you invested in me all those years ago. Thank you for believing in me and living an example that I can follow! LOVE YOU!

  2. I’m so happy/sad to hear that! God is doing His thing isn’t He!!! This is exciting, I know that God has so many great things in store for you all! What a blessing the Chilton family has been to the City of Detroit! You definitely impacted my life which is going like gang busters to God be the glory! I love you Netta Chilton and know you will continue to get God’s very best because you’re a woman after His heart!!!

    • DEEDS!
      Thank you, Sweet Lady!
      Your life is one of those that encourages me OFTEN.
      God puts you in my mind often and I rejoice at HIS goodness!
      Thank you, my friend! Love you

    • Hi Pam!
      I’m so honored to hear from you!
      Thank you for your sweet comments… one of the many reasons I’m excited to
      move is to be around YOU more often! 🙂
      Love you!

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