So Sick of “Busy”

Just cuz you’re busy doesn’t mean you’re important.  Everyone is “busy!”  It’s the way our society is wired.  But certain people get it in their head that if they talk a lot about how jam-packed their schedules are then we’ll all recognize the intense value of all that they’re doing. (yeah, did you recognize the intense sarcasm in that sentence?)


Here’s a few of my observations & opinions about the people who say they’re “So Busy”

– They’re  looking for validation cuz they’re not quite convinced of their own worth

– They’re bad stewards of their time and rush around, barely noticing the moment they’re in or the people around them

– People who talk to you like your life is easy & their’s is SO much more challenging are simply looking for attention and some kind of affirmation: “Wow, you’re just always going, going, going. Keep up the good work.” 

– People who use the word “busy” seem to actually use it as an excuse to get out of things they don’t want to/or should do.

– “Incredibly busy” people may be running from the very things that they are called to do.

– Perhaps they’re busy because they’re afraid of the quiet, down times that may occur if they’re not over-committing

– People who call themselves “crazy busy” seem afraid to let anyone down… yet in the process they let many people down.

-“Busy” can be an excuse to do only the self-serving things that make a person feel “happy”

– People who are leaders/ministers and are just “overly stretched” are possibly too insecure/proud to delegate to those around them (yes, pride & insecurity are very much the same)

– People, especially leaders who have “too much on their plates right now” may have piled on more than God intends for them take do


Have you said the phrase, “We’re just so busy right now” lately? Why?  Do you fit into any one of these categories? Seriously. If you’re feeling defense, read back over the list and ask Jesus to point out truth that may apply to you.

There’s other ways of expressing that your schedule is full besides using the dreaded “B” word. Maybe tomorrow I’ll blog about some options that come to my mind and some of you will leave your ideas, too.

So… let’s make good use of our time and stop acting like being busy means we’re better than everyone else!


The REAL ZINGER:  The people who really do the most are usually the ones who never say a word about their “busy” lives and are usually quick to willingly take on something else and do it well. Hmm



7 thoughts on “So Sick of “Busy”

  1. I AM busy, but not for any of those reasons…

    I feel like I want to live life to the fullest. If I can make a meal for someone, I do (but I’ve learned NOT to do it during the week because delivery is impossible), I certainly don’t feel like I am better than anyone else because I do lots (and sometimes when that thought arises – I check myself), I do feel that everyone can do SOMETHING.

    I also am learning more and more where I need to carve out my time (just try to book 11-12:30 on a Saturday – unless I am out of town – that time is BLOCKED). OR my 8-9AM time on a Saturday too…

    I think that as I get older, I learn more and more the value of time, I learn that time is of the essence. I am SO thankful that I am a good steward of my time.

    LOL i feel like I am defending myself, maybe because I am… I love busy! I do I do I do! Because I am busy because I want to do more/love more for Jesus!

    I guess I hope you don’t think those things about me! and if you do… check me on it (I’m giving you permission because I know you love me!)

  2. I’m not sure if my most recent post — “Finding Meaning in Meeting” — is in defense or support of this post! Ha!

    In truth, we’re right on the same page – just finding joy from 2 unique angles!!

  3. I love being busy. Have realized that my life is never going to be boring, so gotta go with it and find joy in it! But, you’re right, it should be the right kind of busy! thanks for this awesome push in the right direction!

  4. I read this post the other day via a link on the real church app. Loved it! Super convicted by it!! Sometimes I get so selfish and consumed with all the good I’m doing I forget that it’s not me doing anything at all, but Christ.
    I recently had someone tell me of how a friend was complaining about being too busy and they responded ‘you’re not busy, if you wanna see busy you should see Kari’. I was SO convicted in that moment! It means I complained about my schedule or drew to much attention to all the things that I do when really often times I feel like I’m not nearly as productive as I should be. When they told me this, a whole list of people floode my head that are way more busy and productive then me. I had to totally ask God for forgiveness and really think about what I can eliminate from my schedule so I have more time for people. People have to be first priority because they were always Jesus’. He often left the crowds to get alone with a few. This is the example I want to follow.
    Thanks for the challenge Netta!

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