Stuff I Lurned ’bout home schoolin’

I’m NOT a pro. We just completed the 7th years of schooling our kids at home,

and I have a zillion more things to learn. But here’s a few thoughts that may

encourage you if you’re considering going down this path.  I don’t claim to

be the first one to post these thoughts, and there’s no particular order to them.

Just be encouraged.

(The picture below is from spring 2010)



If God has asked you to home school your children then

He will give you all that you need to do it successfully…
but you must depend on Him… daily!

YOU know your child best. Your gut is usually right.

God gave this child to YOU to parent.

Your kids are on loan from JESUS… they belong to HIM!

Keep that in mind when you wanna pull out your hair!

Look your children in the eyes when you’re frustrated with them.

It reminds you of how very much you love
them and it instantly brings clearer perspective to the situation.

Write down WHY you are homeschooling… BEFORE you begin.

Then, when January rolls around & you’re
feeling a little boxed in, or spring fever stricks with a force,

you can reread your reasons & find courage
to stick to it.

Make sure your spouse is totally in favor of homeschooling, too.

Even if you’re the only parent who will be teaching,
you need his support & encouragement

Quitting isn’t optional. If you know that God directed you to homeschool

your child this year, then decide that you will homeschool your child this year!

Period. No quitting. That’s not to say that reevaluating your decision each year isn’t wise,

but once you KNOW what you’re supposed to do, if  “quitting” is
an option you’ll probably go that route.

Don’t compare your child to every kid you see… or hear about… or read about.

Children learn at different paces & in different ways. That’s one of the great

things about teaching them at home… you can create a personalized method

and environment for them.

Smile. Laugh. Take a deep breath… OFTEN!



4 thoughts on “Stuff I Lurned ’bout home schoolin’

  1. These are very good tips & very insightful. Thanks for taking the time to write them out so others can benefit from them! I love the “look your kids in the eyes” and to write down why you’re homeschooling, to remember throughout the year. I’m excited to officially be starting in a couple months! Yikes! (a good yikes!)

  2. Such good advise!! A HUGE 10/4 from this HS grad.

    One addition, remind your kids not to compare themselves to each other either. This was tough for me and I had to be reminded weekly if not daily that I had DIFFERRENT strengths than my sister(who was 18 months younger than me but SO MUCH SMARTER!!!) not fewer!


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