“Insecurity and jealousy cause division.”Chilly

(spoken during an evening teaching at Courage Church)

Our culture treats insecurity as a “condition” that
we didn’t cause and cannot escape, but only learn to live with.
However, a REAL relationship with Jesus changes those “issues.”
Surrender to
His plan,
His demand that we forgive,
His leading and our following, etc…
will bring about the death of those stupid insecurities that
we’ve grown so close to over the years.

Did you carefully read that quote at the top of this post?
Yucky stuff happens when we accept our insecurities & allow
jealousy to live in us.
Division… That means
Unnecessary loneliness.
All this messes up other people AND damages us, too!

The beginning of freedom from insecurity is confession.
Yes…it’s a strong word to treat such a tender “condition.”
Realizing that insecurity thinks about SELF continually,
and realizing that continually thinking about self actually breaks
the very first commandment should lead us right into confession.

“Jesus, forgive me of selfishness. It is the exact opposite
of YOU. It sickens me and I’m sorry. Please renew the way I
think as I read Your WORD and form me into a life that
looks like You! Thank you, Jesus!”

Allowing The Word of God to change us will keep insecurities
from robbing, stealing, destroying and dividing.

B + B = No Scrubbie (Netta’s Niche)

I’m not a fan of scrubbing.

Cooking?  Yes!

Cleaning up?  ICKY

(I’m quite sure we all agree that scrubbing is yucky! Well, all

except my friend, Nancy, who loves to clean… but she doesn’t

usually read my blog anyway.  hee hee)













Boiling water & Baking soda…

If it’s a gross pan with things stuck on the bottom, add a little

baking soda, some water & bring it to a boil for about 5 minutes.

The steam & baking soda will loosen up the food and it should

come out with a quick swipe.











A dirty griddle or baking pan can be cleaning out by pouring

hot water into it. Let it set for few minutes & then wipe out

the sticky, cooked on mess with hardly any effort.







The gross hardened stuff on the inside of the microwave comes off

easily if you put a bowl of water inside and heat until it boils for

several minutes. (It needs to be a decent size bowl so you don’t

cook out all the water in the first minute or two.)  Then just use

a sponge or cloth to wipe out the mess – the mess that is now just

mushy stuff that’s waiting to be cleaned off with no problem at all.









Boiling water poured into the greasy stuff in the mixing bowl

that was used to make things like frosting or thick chocolate

will melt away the goo & make it totally easy to clean.

(And yes, some frosting is loaded with shortening – GREASY!)

So, a little boiling water and some baking soda takes away

the scrubbing and gives you more time!  Yippee!