Cereal is NOT Serious (and other Spiritual Observations)

American kids love cereal… it’s not surprising. It’s sugary, crunchy, milkly and even comes in chocolate, for crying out loud!!  My kids are like any other American child… well, they WERE, until the first of October 2012.

It all changed during those first few days. On the first day of that month my three youngest (7th gr, 2nd gr & 1st gr) stepped foot into a school…a “real” school building for the VERY first time in their lives! Up until that monumental day we’d home schooled them; but when the school we’d applied for back in January 2012 called to notify us that all three children were no longer on the waiting list- there was room for them- our lives changed! (The story actually reflects God’s miraculous hand at work, but that’s another story for another day!)

So, back to cereal…. after a couple of days of eating cereal for breakfast they revolted!
“Mom, this stuff is too sweet and makes my stomach hurt.”
“Momma, can we please NOT eat this. I’m always hungry at school.”

Crazy!  But fantastic!
Except now I have to work harder at making breakfast time cooking hot cereal (which they love), eggs, fried turkey ham & cheese (I’m not kidding) and other warm & satisfying  meals.  But I’m thrilled!  It’s work, but I take their tummies very seriously, so it’s worth the effort.

Isn’t prayer and Bible reading similar?  Like cereal? You’re following me… right?
When life goes smoothly we tend to read a smidgen here & there, catch a podcast, read a daily devotion booklet, but never really take our relationship too seriously.  UNTIL… life changes course.

Then, when our situation & loved ones are “out of our control” we decide we’d better get serious and start praying faithfully, harder & with more seriousness.

Cereal was fine for my kids when they were staying at home all day and didn’t face as many challenges. But when things changed they wisely knew they needed more nourishment.  Are you wise? Are you facing your day with a nourished spirit that not only belongs to Jesus, but has listened to Him, filled up on His Word and taken careful note of HIS plans for your day? Yeah, it definitely takes some work.

Taking care of physical needs are of some value, but taking care of our spiritual needs of WAY more valuable!  (from 1 Timothy 4:8)