Enhancing our kids’… pictures?





I read a blog recently about a mom who enhanced her kids pictures all the time…

every snapshot was “improved” and “bad poses” were deleted.  I nearly cried.

My 5 children range from ages 19 to 4.

Maybe it’s because some of my kids aren’t really children anymore, but I’ve learned that looking back on ALL kinds of pictures stirs memories that perfect photos do not!


I LOVE seeing the “un-touched” pictures of my children:

the scars,

giant scratches & band aids,

the pout faces or angry stares…

completely bored expressions

the “how long do I have to do this” look,

the “deep in thought that refused to smile at the camera” looks

crazy “gunna make you crack up faces.”

These photos are little wordless history books.

Those pictures remind me of

the fall from the swings the day of our family Christmas pictures,

the day she finally rode her bike successfully w/out the training wheels   (AFTER she hit the tree for the final time!),

the ridiculously short haircut she got after she’d tried to cut her own hair,

the first time we made candles and gave them as gifts,

visiting the awesome museum but waiting til everyone was hungry to take pictures

his broken wrist,

the concert in the park that I absolutely loved & they went nuts from boredom

etc. etc.

Those crazy looking pictures make us laugh and talk about the events that lead up to that single moment that was captured on film.   Why on earth would I want to delete those memories in favor of a “perfect shot?”    It’s those kinds of things you want to remember anyway.. those are  the stories that your kids want you to tell them time & again; those are the stories that you think you’ll always remember… but don’t… until you see that hilariously-imperfect picture & it all comes flooding back into your head… and warms your heart!

Plus they just totally crack me up sometimes.

(Like the picture at the top! EVERY time I look at Max I laugh!  He’s acting just like his Daddy!)