Ode to My Man, Chilly

He’s Chilly.

It’s his birthday today.

We meet 24 years ago this month.

He’s encouraged me countless times since then.

He’s cracked me up countless more times!

He’s pushed & inspired me  to live stronger.

He is just what I need.

He’s pushed & inspired many, many others to live stronger.

He’s held up a high standard… preached it and lived it!

He’s unafraid to tackle to the controversial issues;

doesn’t shy away speaking the truth, even if it ticks off those convicted

He is bold and real.

His commitment to his family never comes into questions…

He puts us first.

The stereo-typical-pastor he is NOT… I’m so grateful!

He is dedicated to us.

His humor &  ability to find it in a multitude of settings keeps

life from being boring & “regular.”

He is humorous!

He leads with the courage to forge new paths

but also with the compassion that breeds love & courage in those who follow.

His temper is never lost; calm but passionate.

He is a reflection of Christ’s leadership.

He is the one who we celebrate today.

The birthday boy, the one I love.

He is My Man!

Happy Birthday, Chilly!