He’s not expecting that

I’m surrounded by some very smart, super talented, incredibly motivated people; I’m even married to one of them. There are moments when look around me… and… Holy Moly… (Where did that phrase come from, anyway?) I start thinking very true things like this: He’s so talented at this. She does this with excellence. He knows just how to handle this & that. She’s so good at that it almost looks easy.

It would be easy to fall into the comparison game: “I’m not as good at this or that.”

Well, of course I’m not as good … I’m not them. They hold different talents in their lives, different giftings that I’m not responsible for using because I don’t have them. My abilities lie in other areas.   You already know this. So do I. But let’s be honest… sometimes we compare and that only leads to one of two things: feeling icky about ourselves or feeling a slightly snotty sense of pride (also icky!).

This morning as I was reading in Matthew 26 I got a little verbal spanking about comparisons. The Master (God) in the story gives talents (abilities & resources) to each of His servants (that’s us!) & expects them to put them to be used to the best of their ability. That’s ALL I’m responsible for doing. He’s not expecting me to accomplish something with someone else’s gifts, just mine. If I get too busy noticing how someone else is “better than me” then I’ll slack off from accomplishing what I’m purposed to do.

Note: This does not mean that we stop appreciating other people & their giftings! But rather, this allows us to truly admire others and have the freedom to verbalize that & encourage them. If we’re tied up in the comparison ropes we’re unable to be thankful for them and “icky-ness” finds a home in our thoughts & heart.

Who’s expectations are you living up to? What standards dictate your attitudes & actions?  God is not expecting me to be anyone but me, but He does insist that I put my abilities to use for Him! (And He’ll give me the ideas & strength to accomplish that!)

Now that’s a relief. 🙂