Tricky Daughters, Book Review

My daughters played a horrible trick on me a couple
summers ago while we were on vacation!
Mariah & Courtney had been telling me for a long time
that I should read a wonderful series of books called,
“The Mark of the Lion” by Francine Rivers.  Since I
love other books by this author, I knew they were right.
So I grabbed book #1 and brought it on our family vacation
that year.

Moments into the book and I knew I couldn’t put it down.
I read  & read…. and then, turned that last page (which is
always kind of bittersweet for me) and …

A total cliff-hanger!!!!!
And I did NOT bring the second book in the series!!!
“Noooo!  Girls, why didn’t you TELL me to
bring the second book?  Why?  I’m going nuts!  Why?”

Their response:  giggles
(Now that I think of this… I “owe” them one! ha!)

I had to wait for several days before we returned home and
then accomplished nothing for the couple of days that followed
because all I could do was read!  SO GOOD!

So… keep these two things in mind if you’re going to read these books:

1. Make sure you do NOT read the summaries and reviews beforehand

2. Have book #2 within reach BEFORE you start reading #1