Pride Makes a Great Ear Plug

We know the scripture…
When pride comes, then comes disgrace.”

But remember the second part?
But with humility comes wisdom.” (Proverbs 11:2)

The problem is that you cannot have both at the same time.
If we want to have wisdom we have to repent of pride.
If we want to hear God’s voice we have to stop listening to
the “what if’s” in our own heads!

Pride makes a horribly effective ear plug that keeps us
from truly knowing what God is whispering in our hearts,
because our heads are busy playing out all the possible
scenerios of peoples’ reactions to us… and how everything
we affect us!

Pull out the earplugs of pride.
Obey… it’s brings such joy!
Be free from what other people think.
We don’t have to stand before them someday and
give an account of our decisions.
We’ll stand in front JESUS!
And I certainly would NOT want to see His face as
He speaks to me and then have to say, “Huh?”

Recently Overheard, Feb. 12, 2014

Years ago my friend told me it would probably be hilarious
to hear the stuff that was said at our house. I agreed.
Here’s a few of them…

(While driving two hours out of Detroit:)
“Look! There’s CORN! Mom, are we in Iowa now?”

“Mom, I’ll just come over here and sit by you.
Cuz at church they teach us to sit by the unpopular people. ha!”

“I’m so glad they invented something called LEGOS”

“Wow! Look at all that nice toilet paper!
Our bums are gunna be happy and dance!”

“Did you hear what I gave Courtney for her bday? I gave her 18 dimes in a raisin box.
Well actually it was 16 dimes and four nickels cuz I didn’t have enough dimes.”
(Where did you get the raisin box?)
“It was in one of my drawers. and who doesn’t like their money smelling like raisins.”

“If Science had a face it would be a serious one.
If Social Studies had a face it would a smirk.
If Language had a face it would be happy one.
If Math had a face it would be a mad face.
If Ed Tech had a face it would be sobbing.”

Recently Overheard, Feb. 4, 2014

If you’d been around our family in recent weeks you would’ve
heard the following statements (along with many, many others)
that my have cracked you up, amazed you or left you wondering.

“I do NOT wanna eat at that restaurant.
It’s like having someone punch you in the stomach for a hour!”

“God gave me 3-D polka dot on my shoulder.”

“Oh… I have to get up really early for work tmrrw.
Being an adult is hard! I just wanna be a dog!”

(We’ve always been a MAC computer family, but this
fall we added some PCs to our family, too.)
“These PC computers look like the old play Barbie
computers we used to have.”

“My stomach is full of those terds.”
(“Curds honey. Cheese curds.”)

ICK! There’s a spider near your shoulder!!!
OH, well, let’s just put it
on that giant zit on Mom’s face,
cuz it’s babies are probably inside!

(While listening to a Muppet Movie (but not being able to SEE it):
“Mom, these annoying voices are exactly what Middle School
boys sound like!”

“No matter how sweet takin’ or romantic a boy is, at the end of
the day he’s gunna home and make fart noices. ugh”

Recently Overheard


If you’d been at our house recently you may have overheard the following things being said.


Child: “Wanna play Egyptian Chicken?”

Me:”What’s that?”

Child:”You yell EGYPTIAN and run around like a chicken!”


“Hey mom. Wanna watch this show? It’s about the 80’s.”
“This isn’t the 80’s it’s the 50’s just for the record.”
“Oh… anything old seems like the 80’s.”


“Hey mom, who was president when you were born… John Adams?”


This isn’t a funnel, it’s a unicorn helmet.


Someone busted out singing “All Things Bright and Beautful” and then
someone else said,”Aldi is beautiful?”


“Guess what  I’m listening to on my headphones?”
“Sign language?”


While eating dinner:  “I told you to take off those dirty socks when you came in the door…”
“WAIT… not NOW!  Take your feet OFF the table!”



So Sick of “Busy”

Just cuz you’re busy doesn’t mean you’re important.  Everyone is “busy!”  It’s the way our society is wired.  But certain people get it in their head that if they talk a lot about how jam-packed their schedules are then we’ll all recognize the intense value of all that they’re doing. (yeah, did you recognize the intense sarcasm in that sentence?)


Here’s a few of my observations & opinions about the people who say they’re “So Busy”

– They’re  looking for validation cuz they’re not quite convinced of their own worth

– They’re bad stewards of their time and rush around, barely noticing the moment they’re in or the people around them

– People who talk to you like your life is easy & their’s is SO much more challenging are simply looking for attention and some kind of affirmation: “Wow, you’re just always going, going, going. Keep up the good work.” 

– People who use the word “busy” seem to actually use it as an excuse to get out of things they don’t want to/or should do.

– “Incredibly busy” people may be running from the very things that they are called to do.

– Perhaps they’re busy because they’re afraid of the quiet, down times that may occur if they’re not over-committing

– People who call themselves “crazy busy” seem afraid to let anyone down… yet in the process they let many people down.

-“Busy” can be an excuse to do only the self-serving things that make a person feel “happy”

– People who are leaders/ministers and are just “overly stretched” are possibly too insecure/proud to delegate to those around them (yes, pride & insecurity are very much the same)

– People, especially leaders who have “too much on their plates right now” may have piled on more than God intends for them take do


Have you said the phrase, “We’re just so busy right now” lately? Why?  Do you fit into any one of these categories? Seriously. If you’re feeling defense, read back over the list and ask Jesus to point out truth that may apply to you.

There’s other ways of expressing that your schedule is full besides using the dreaded “B” word. Maybe tomorrow I’ll blog about some options that come to my mind and some of you will leave your ideas, too.

So… let’s make good use of our time and stop acting like being busy means we’re better than everyone else!


The REAL ZINGER:  The people who really do the most are usually the ones who never say a word about their “busy” lives and are usually quick to willingly take on something else and do it well. Hmm



Words that Sadden. Wounds that Lie.

“Ouch. They really just said that to me!?”

You’ve thought those words at some point & will again someday. (Nice, Netta, what a depressing way to begin a blog post!) But it happens cuz we deal with humans. Over the years I’ve learned that many hurtful words spoken to me are NOT really spoken AT me or because of me. Hurt people hurt people.

Think about that… Hurt people hurt people.

That said, I’ve learned to remain calm, smile and do my best to keep loving people when they’ve lashed out at me… well, I’ve mostly learned that. Here’s the deal:  that’s not so hard to do unless the person knows you well & is quite close to you. Then the words go deeper.


Those words sink in and make me ponder. Now what?

I pray. “Lord, what truth is in these statements?”

I talk with my husband. “What do I need to learn from this?”

I pray for the person, the situation, etc. .

But still…

Those words can start eating at me. They’ve cut me & now there’s a tiny seed of UNtruth that has planted itself there. Something like, “Since they said that about me, they must really think I’m a jerk. What if they’re right?  They probably are. I was probably way off in that situation.”  Then it can grow into thoughts like…. ” As hard as I try, I just mess things up all the time anyway.

Then it grows into bigger lies: “No wonder people don’t invite me over, I’m not really a friend.”  and  “How am supposed to do anything of lasting value if no one wants to be around me?

See how the lie grew?  It began as a sad heart with a wound that started doubting what it knew was true, and it soon turned into a giant lie that had little to do with the original situation.  We cannot blame someone else for that thought process. WE choose it. So, the flip side is… CHOOSE NOT to think that way.

When those thoughts arise, stop them. Talk to Jesus. He ONLY tells you the TRUTH! Think about what HE’s already told you… what you already know is truth!
Philippians 4:8 says to think about things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely & of a good report!


Lots of thought will pop into our heads during the day, but it’s up to us if we’ll keep thinking & expounding on it or NOT!  Choose your thoughts. It keeps Hurts from Wounding us with their lies!


Wordless Wednesday, Patriotic Banner Tutorial

Using fabric scraps and old denim jeans I made this banner to

decorate our yard on July 4th. Here’s how… in pictures only.



(Note: I wasn’t driving. Just waiting for my daughter to finish

 cheer camp for the day.)



I linked up to a couple of craft sites this week:

Thirty Handmade Days

Cat on a Limb

Pick & Stick

(NOTE: This is NOT a post about boogers! hee hee)


We teach our kids the behavioral tools they’ll need to function well

in life. We teach them how to handle their emotions, their tempers,

their wants & dislikes.  It’s us!

These things don’t just happen!  WE must prayerfully shape them.

We must PICK the standards that are acceptable in our home.

A standard is… a STANDARD. It shouldn’t change when someone’s

tired, or Mom is frustrated, or “it’s been a rough week.”  If throwing

a fit and/or screaming is “not acceptable” then it’s NOT acceptable…

at anytime.

So PICK your standard.

Now… STICK to it.

Picking is easier than sticking (that’s a fun sound bite!)

Sticking to the guidelines that you (and your spouse) have set is NOT

easy. But if we don’t… we get caught. BY OUR KIDS!

They notice. They work us.

And suddenly we’re no longer teaching them…

they’re teaching us how they want to be treated…

and that won’t fly in “real life” someday.

Respond immediately to the child and put your plan of action into action.

This will keep you from “reacting” in a way you later wish you could retrack.

“Sticking” keeps us from living in constant frustration… cuz it means

we’ve stopped taking orders from the youngest people in the house.

Need another motivation to pick & stick?

We’ll grow polite, well-behaved children that other people

enjoy having around. (And think of the opposite of that

statement… ugh!)

So, have courage.

Be the Parent.

You’re their Teacher.

When your life is committed to Jesus you have all you need inside of you

to be the parent your children need!


2 Peter 1:3

“His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness…”








Sorta like Wonderland

Recently, while we were making dinner, laughing & teasing each other,

my daughter, Courtney, told me that I talk like Lewis Carroll.

(“You know, Mom, as in “Alice in Wonderland!”)

Here’s a few of “Wonderland-isms” that I’ve said lately…

“Sometimes it is. Sometimes it’s not. Today was a not day.”

“I’m not mocking you in my heart. I’m openly making fun of you so you’ll laugh.

So I guess really it’s YOU that’s making all the fun. Cuz I’m making fun of you

but I couldn’t if it weren’t for you. So you’re the one making this day fun!”

Zoe: “Mom, my vocab word is Grievance = real or imagined wrongs. What’s that mean?”

Me: “Oh, this is when you think something is wrong. But sometimes it really

isn’t so you’re actually wrong about it being wrong, you know, cuz you

just thought it was. But if you don’t say anything you won’t know that

you’re wrong. So to ‘air your grievances” is to make it right, even if

it wasn’t really wrong in the first place.”

Zoe: “Mom! That makes absolutely NO sense at all!”

Me: (Laughing) “I know!!!”

And the point of this post… well…

sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself & be willing to admit

to yourself & your kids that you’re a “tiny smidge loopy!” (LOL!)

Honestly, when we’re OK with laughing at our own silliness it

endears people to us… cuz they can relate, even if they don’t want

to admit it!