I Love & Hate that Word!

“Patience…” the word we hate putting into practice, but
certainly love it when others “have a little” when dealing
with us. Right?


Peter speaks of PATIENCE in the 1 Peter chapters 1 & 2.
Here’s a few thoughts I jotted down in my journal recently.

The PATIENCE that Peter speaks of
in 1st Peter 1 & 2 is the kind of Patience that…

– doesn’t need to understand in order to obey God

– loves others, even when their behavior is unfair &
uncalled for (and is OK with “loving from far away”
if that helps keep peace)

– prays for authorities instead of spouting off about them

– trusts God & knows that He sees everything and
handles everything perfectly

Nothing profoundly new… but horribly challenging to do.
The more I spend time with our patient, compassionate God
the easier this list becomes!