More Crying!?

It’s been a long road.
It was July of last year that God spoke to us that “He had need of us elsewhere,”
and we began our transition. That’s been a while… Like TEN months!
(Note: one more week until we join Chilly in Vermont permanently! YAY!)

Lots of hurdles & zillions of emotions…
-some of them float past quickly
-some hang on too long
-some of them just straight up smack me in the face!

This morning as I sat with Jesus & His Word, and cried
(like I have every single morning for months & months),
we had this conversation:

“Lord I’m so tired and so sorry that I’ve sat here every morning
for so long and just ended up crying.”

He very quietly and simply responded,
“This is where you find your strength.”

Then I felt His smile!

“He will keep you strong until the end…” 1 Cor 1:8

Pride Makes a Great Ear Plug

We know the scripture…
When pride comes, then comes disgrace.”

But remember the second part?
But with humility comes wisdom.” (Proverbs 11:2)

The problem is that you cannot have both at the same time.
If we want to have wisdom we have to repent of pride.
If we want to hear God’s voice we have to stop listening to
the “what if’s” in our own heads!

Pride makes a horribly effective ear plug that keeps us
from truly knowing what God is whispering in our hearts,
because our heads are busy playing out all the possible
scenerios of peoples’ reactions to us… and how everything
we affect us!

Pull out the earplugs of pride.
Obey… it’s brings such joy!
Be free from what other people think.
We don’t have to stand before them someday and
give an account of our decisions.
We’ll stand in front JESUS!
And I certainly would NOT want to see His face as
He speaks to me and then have to say, “Huh?”

A Proper Home

I excel at DIY projects… in my heart, at least.
But in reality I make a big mess, and when it’s all finished
words like “crooked” or “splotchy” come to mind.
Wouldn’t it be fabulous to know how to build & create beautiful
things that function well?

Leadership is like building, but fortunately for me,
it never requires things that are purchased from Home Depot or Lowes.
In 2 Corinthians 13:10b, Paul says,
“I want to use the authority the Lord has given me to build you up, not to tear you down.”

In this verse the phrase “build up” means constructive criticism and instruction
that builds a person up to be the suitable dwelling place of God
to make a suitable place where the Lord is “at home.”
What a thrill! Our job as a spiritual leader is to help others grow and
serve Jesus in a way that makes their lives a comfortable home for JESUS!

I may not be gifted at interior decorating, and I’m certainly not
good at DIY projects, but I CAN encourage and instruct others as
I whole-heartedly follow Jesus. If I am dedicated, faithful and
open myself up to those who are following me then I become a decorator!
Imagine it! Me… and YOU…
creating a comfortable & proper home for GOD Himself!!!

Eat your heart out HGTV!

Just Standin’ there, Confused

It’s there… in the Bible… and it seemed like
such a sad thing to say about the disciples/friends of Jesus.

Jesus hung dying on the cross,
“But Jesus’ friends, including the women who
had followed him from Galilee, stood at a distance watching.”
(Luke 23:49 NLT)

It was a BIG deal. A huge moment.
An event that would forever change their lives.
And they kept their distance, watching.

These were not just casual observers who had heard of Jesus,
these were His close friends. The Greek word used in the
text means those who had a close experience with Him;
someone who knew Him first-hand. Someone like…

That’s exactly what I said to Jesus as I read this.
“Lord, I’m like these disciples. I know You first-hand
and understand that You’re doing something hugely
significant right in front of me, and yet I’m standing
off at a distance, rather dumb founded, just watching.”

Then God silently spoke: “You ARE just like those friends.
But what ELSE are they doing?”

Me: Umm.. we’ll they were probably…

But they…
Were Loyal
Kept eyes glued on Jesus

Oh… Yes… Thank you, Jesus.
I get it!
(Big relieved sigh!)
I will keep my eyes – heart- glued on YOU!

I’m a Boring Shopper

Maybe I’m just too practical, but
I buy boring Christmas presents.

My brain thinks ahead
“Can they use this in more than one way?”
“Will it still be appealing in six months?”
“Will it drive their parents crazy?”

I guess that may NOT be what most people
think when they’re Christmas shopping, but
being a good steward of our money stays
with me… always… in every area… including…

This year our church has adopted several families
and will be providing a wide range of gifts
to care for a variety of needs in their families-
clothing for each member
shoes & socks
household necessities
gift cards
and of course TOYS!
(a 15 passenger van FULL of toys was kindly
provided by Rochester Michigan Assembly of God!)

Everyone has eagerly grabbed up the cards
that describe one of the needs in each family.
I happily took some cards for children’s clothing.
(I have a little experience with this, huh?)

I wanted to buy great striped or patterned
sweatshirts and funky jeans & tennis shoes.
Then, “Practical” kicked in.
It’s more than likely that whatever we buy
for these children will be worn several times
a week. So… stripes and patterns are going to
be rather obvious and possibly invite teasing
(which they may already be enduring).
Enter “Boring Practical Shopper Lady!”


Basic colors that won’t be too obvious if worn often.
Jeans that are dark & won’t show as much dirt, crayon marks,etc.
Boot shoes. Not snowboots,
but OK if worn when snow is on the ground,
yet still a shoe.

Not exciting.
But then again, maybe it’s because most of
us have MORE than our basic needs met.

Thank you, Lord, for meeting our needs
and allowing us to share!

We Don’t Deserve it


“Entitlement leads to irresponsibility”
– a political commentater


After coming home from Bible Study last night I watched the news and was in total agree with the above quote. I WILL  look for a candidate that believes that we as indiviuals can make proper choices for ourselves instead of having the government make all the choices and give out what it “deems necessary” for us.

BUT… this is NOT a political post.

The quote certainly stuck in my head, though, because some conversations at church, recently, reflected this concept. When we get it in our heads that God owes us something, or that He’s “not fair” or borderline “mean,” then we begin to convince ourselves that we deserve something from God. The only thing we deserve from God is eternal death (separation from Him forever).
The moment we allow ourselves to start thinking that we’re being cheated in some way
is the moment our joy starts its exit;
it’s the moment when we desire pity from Him instead of His power to change us;
it’s the moment when selfishness starts to block the channel for God to minister through us.
And… then…
we start making decisions that we thought we never would;
the kind of choices that would’ve once been appauling are somehow appearing to be “totally fine;”
the kind of choices that leave permanent scares on our souls.

This morning as I was talking with Jesus I melted into sobs in His presence. His greatness overwhelmed me. His mercy filled the holes in my humanity. Oh, JESUS!

Everything He gives to me – love, joy, salvation, peace of mind, laughter, etc – is MORE than I deserve.



Talk-to-Myself Tuesday, Feb.15, 2011

My family says I talk to myself, but

I prefer to think of it as “Thinking  Out loud!”

Either way, here’s what I’ve been saying…

– Although the Valentine “holiday” is  silly, all the cute

hearts & red stuff is adorable

– Having a shelf of bowls & plates crash down on me

the first thing on Saturday morning is NOT my favorite


– When helicopters with search lights fly around & around

our neighbor I focus my thoughts on what is true & cannot

allow “what if” thoughts to linger

– Checkers… not a favorite, but now that Max

wants to play constantly… well, they’re ok

– Part of “doing a good job” is admitting when you haven’t…

(and then saying “I’m sorry!”)

-Is there anything quite as lovely as bowl of

fluffy pink frosting? mmm

– I hope all the “snow-haters” are happy with themselves now that

we have this icky slushy mess & ice-cold rain rain on the way. ICK!-

-I’m pretty sure that my hair is the only very cool thing about me

– Ignorance & arrogance often look (and act) the same

– Am I the only one who still keeps addresses in an old-school

rolodex?  (and a broken down one, at that!)

– Heaven, JESUS! Seeing His face!!!

-JESUS!  He IS reality!  (Col. 2:17)

– What’s been on your mind lately?