Wordless Wednesday, Rapture?

I snapped this picture on my cheapy phone in Siesta Key, Flordia, last week. It seemed like it would have been a perfect backdrop for Jesus to return for those who faithful serve Him… aka, “The Rapture!”  It was SO beautiful! My heart is ready!



wordless wednesday

wordless wednesday


In an unrelated thought… stay tuned… next week I’m giving away a GREAT BOOK that I’ve LOVED reading!


Mind Picture, Please

Sometimes I really DO NOT want a mind picture…

like the times I hear something disgusting or completely TMI (too much info).

But, I’m a visual learner, and when it comes to learning & retaining,

I totally NEED a mind picture…. something to help me “get it” &

refer back to it with ease.

This month we’ve read-through Philippians multiple times & this week I decided to

focus on & study the VERBS in the book.

(Not ALL of them, but the ones The Spirit points out to me.)

Philippians 4:5 says to…

“Let everyone see that you are considerate in all you do.

Remember, the Lord is coming soon.”

Remember:  to have in one’s mind & to be aware of

I’m choosing to have a mind picture of JESUS coming back for His church…

that motivates me to “be considerate” of others…aka- MENTION JESUS!

Talk about JESUS!

Tell them JESUS loves them & has a plan for them.

Thanks to my childhood Bible Story book I have a vivid mind picture

of  Jesus in the clouds (childhood lessons stick with us) …

and I spoke differently to the bank teller at the drive up window,

to the the grocery store cashier and to my own family & friends.

“Jesus” was mentioned… love was voiced.

JESUS is coming… I want everyone to know JESUS before He comes back!

Can’tcha just picture it?