Books I read this Summer, Part 2 of 2

Earlier this week I posted quick reviews about 2 of the books I read this summer.
You can read that here.

How to Knock over a 7-Eleven by Michael Cheshire

The title sucked me in immediately,  and the same humor
that’s in the title remains throughout the book. The author,
who moved to Colorado to plant a new church, openly
shares the fantastic victories and the hilarious
not-s0-victorious moments of learning how to connect
with their community and share the love of Jesus.
On the day I started reading this, the fifteen people who
were sitting near me in a waiting room probably went home
to their families that night and told the story of some crazy
lady who kept smiling at her book and would them just
burst out laughing.I was most certainly “that lady”!
This book’s honesty encouraged my heart; it’s humor kept
my heart relating to every word.

Every person in ministry could TOTALLY read this in a
short time – it’s not long- and discover something that would
stir their efforts! Loved it!


A TIME TO DANCE by Karen Kingsbury

Yippee!  Another fictional book that spoke to my heart!
My sister-in-law gave this book (and it’s sequel) for my
birthday back in the spring… I saved it for vacation. Let’s
just say that the kleenx box got a work out. Timely truths
are shared in such an understandable way, and even
though I haven’t personally walked the road the main
characters traveled, the  story illuminated principles that
certainly have timeless value to everyone.

I’m thankful to have read this book and will happily read
the second book in the series… when I have some time
to cry and enjoy it!  (I know that sounds weird if you’re a guy! Ha!)