Recently Overheard, April 26, 2015

I love to laugh!
Laughing is my favorite!

My kids do a great job of cracking’ me up.
And if you’d been around our house recently you
may have overheard the following:
“Whoever invented pizza needs a hug!”

“Mom I like it when your hair has the gray showing.
It just proves that you can look young and still be old;
it lets the beauty out, and the cuteness. Because old people are cute.”

“Mom can we please please have lunch?? I’m so hungry that
I feel like my stomach is punching me from the inside!”

“Nutty Bars are just over weight Kit Kats!”

“My teacher has one of those old fashion projector
things w/the clear paper on it that shines in the wall.”

“I only want two or three kids when I grow up. Probably only 2 cuz
if they’re like I was when I was little I’ll only be able to handle two!”

“I don’t like waitresses because they are not supposed to do
that kind of work. It’s for gentleman.
They’re clearing off the tables, but Boys are supposed
to clear the table.”
(my heart melted!)

“What do you call a shoe that won’t stay tied? A shoeNanigan”

“What if Google goes off the internet like Groove Shark did?
The world would end!”

“Did you see those hot dog plants growing by our pond?”
(Cat tails)

“After watching a science Video about earth-
Earth is not home to everyone. Our home is heaven and
we’re just visiting earth.”

“Look at the announcer in this sports show-
he looks like a picnic blanket threw up on his shirt.”

“Mom, you’re nice and you’re full of hospitality!”

“I’m the Easter Chicken”

What have you heard recently at your house?

Recently Overheard – July 2, 2014

If you’d been at our house lately you would’ve heard this…

“Satan doesn’t work at McDonalds, he works at Burger King!”

While watching USA in the World Cup…
“Goalie Tim Howard deserves an award, or a hug or at least an ice cream cone!”

“If I had a dollar for every time Mom said. ‘Someone kick it’ I’d be rich!”

“Mom passed the test. The test of weirdness.”

“Mom is a kids’ jute box.”

Me, while having a science conversation-
“What do you think of when you hear the word orbit?”
Chase- “Eat. Drink. Chew Orbit!”

Kids 1- “If you had to choose just one store to do all your shopping
for your life what would it be?”
Kid 2- “Sky mall.”

Recently Overheard, Feb. 12, 2014

Years ago my friend told me it would probably be hilarious
to hear the stuff that was said at our house. I agreed.
Here’s a few of them…

(While driving two hours out of Detroit:)
“Look! There’s CORN! Mom, are we in Iowa now?”

“Mom, I’ll just come over here and sit by you.
Cuz at church they teach us to sit by the unpopular people. ha!”

“I’m so glad they invented something called LEGOS”

“Wow! Look at all that nice toilet paper!
Our bums are gunna be happy and dance!”

“Did you hear what I gave Courtney for her bday? I gave her 18 dimes in a raisin box.
Well actually it was 16 dimes and four nickels cuz I didn’t have enough dimes.”
(Where did you get the raisin box?)
“It was in one of my drawers. and who doesn’t like their money smelling like raisins.”

“If Science had a face it would be a serious one.
If Social Studies had a face it would a smirk.
If Language had a face it would be happy one.
If Math had a face it would be a mad face.
If Ed Tech had a face it would be sobbing.”

Recently Overheard, Feb. 4, 2014

If you’d been around our family in recent weeks you would’ve
heard the following statements (along with many, many others)
that my have cracked you up, amazed you or left you wondering.

“I do NOT wanna eat at that restaurant.
It’s like having someone punch you in the stomach for a hour!”

“God gave me 3-D polka dot on my shoulder.”

“Oh… I have to get up really early for work tmrrw.
Being an adult is hard! I just wanna be a dog!”

(We’ve always been a MAC computer family, but this
fall we added some PCs to our family, too.)
“These PC computers look like the old play Barbie
computers we used to have.”

“My stomach is full of those terds.”
(“Curds honey. Cheese curds.”)

ICK! There’s a spider near your shoulder!!!
OH, well, let’s just put it
on that giant zit on Mom’s face,
cuz it’s babies are probably inside!

(While listening to a Muppet Movie (but not being able to SEE it):
“Mom, these annoying voices are exactly what Middle School
boys sound like!”

“No matter how sweet takin’ or romantic a boy is, at the end of
the day he’s gunna home and make fart noices. ugh”

That’s What He Said

If you read my post yesterday you know that our garage
was broken into and our daughter’s awesome bike was stolen.
That happened on Monday.

Fast forward a couple of nights…
It’s bedtime.
I’m praying with our boys as I tuck them into bed.
We prayed for all the usual needs and safety…
just like any other night.

Then my 6-year-old prayed, “Jesus, help the person
who took Zoe’s bike to know that they should ask You
to forgive them and ask you into their heart.”


Psalm 8:2
“You have taught children & infants
to tell of Your strength,
Silencing Your enemies
and all who oppose You.”


Recently Overheard


If you’d been at our house recently you may have overheard the following things being said.


Child: “Wanna play Egyptian Chicken?”

Me:”What’s that?”

Child:”You yell EGYPTIAN and run around like a chicken!”


“Hey mom. Wanna watch this show? It’s about the 80’s.”
“This isn’t the 80’s it’s the 50’s just for the record.”
“Oh… anything old seems like the 80’s.”


“Hey mom, who was president when you were born… John Adams?”


This isn’t a funnel, it’s a unicorn helmet.


Someone busted out singing “All Things Bright and Beautful” and then
someone else said,”Aldi is beautiful?”


“Guess what  I’m listening to on my headphones?”
“Sign language?”


While eating dinner:  “I told you to take off those dirty socks when you came in the door…”
“WAIT… not NOW!  Take your feet OFF the table!”



Recently Overheard…


If you’d been around our house in recent weeks you would’ve heard the
following statements (along with many, many others) that my have
cracked you up, amazed you or left you wondering.  HA!


-“Hey mom. Wanna watch this show? It’s about the 80’s.”
“This isn’t the 80’s it’s the 50’s…  just for the record.”
“Oh… I guess anything old seems like the 80’s.”


-“Hey mom, who was president when you were born? … John Adams?”


– “This isn’t a funnel bits a unicorn helmet.”



-I just started singing “All Things Bright and Beautful” and Chase said,”Aldi is beautiful?”  Ha.



-“Mom, every time you give me a cooking tip I feel like you’re talking to preschooler.”





Cereal is NOT Serious (and other Spiritual Observations)

American kids love cereal… it’s not surprising. It’s sugary, crunchy, milkly and even comes in chocolate, for crying out loud!!  My kids are like any other American child… well, they WERE, until the first of October 2012.

It all changed during those first few days. On the first day of that month my three youngest (7th gr, 2nd gr & 1st gr) stepped foot into a school…a “real” school building for the VERY first time in their lives! Up until that monumental day we’d home schooled them; but when the school we’d applied for back in January 2012 called to notify us that all three children were no longer on the waiting list- there was room for them- our lives changed! (The story actually reflects God’s miraculous hand at work, but that’s another story for another day!)

So, back to cereal…. after a couple of days of eating cereal for breakfast they revolted!
“Mom, this stuff is too sweet and makes my stomach hurt.”
“Momma, can we please NOT eat this. I’m always hungry at school.”

Crazy!  But fantastic!
Except now I have to work harder at making breakfast time cooking hot cereal (which they love), eggs, fried turkey ham & cheese (I’m not kidding) and other warm & satisfying  meals.  But I’m thrilled!  It’s work, but I take their tummies very seriously, so it’s worth the effort.

Isn’t prayer and Bible reading similar?  Like cereal? You’re following me… right?
When life goes smoothly we tend to read a smidgen here & there, catch a podcast, read a daily devotion booklet, but never really take our relationship too seriously.  UNTIL… life changes course.

Then, when our situation & loved ones are “out of our control” we decide we’d better get serious and start praying faithfully, harder & with more seriousness.

Cereal was fine for my kids when they were staying at home all day and didn’t face as many challenges. But when things changed they wisely knew they needed more nourishment.  Are you wise? Are you facing your day with a nourished spirit that not only belongs to Jesus, but has listened to Him, filled up on His Word and taken careful note of HIS plans for your day? Yeah, it definitely takes some work.

Taking care of physical needs are of some value, but taking care of our spiritual needs of WAY more valuable!  (from 1 Timothy 4:8)


Recently Overheard, Summertime

If you’d been around our house in recent weeks you would’ve heard the following statements (along with many, many others) that my have cracked you up, amazed you or left you wondering.


Honey, please put this and this, oh, and this in the recycle bin.
OKAY! … My Mom is a hippy!


Did you go upstairs and brush your teeth?
No because Courtney is in the freakin’ bathroom taken a shower and that takes forever!


Ick, Mom. What is that?
It’s just cold bacon fat.
Uhhh, it looks like alien poop!


Can we run through the sprinkler? Can we run through the sprinkler? Can we run through the sprinkler?


Wait? This is homemade ice cream? It seems more like a … um… milkshake or something.


Hmm, this “easy little craft idea” you had for me, Mom,  has turned into quite a project.


Do you think people think I’m funny?  i want to be funny?


Please play a game with me? Will ya? Please? Will you play a game?


Why didn’t people used to wear clothes in the olympics back then? Why did they whip people in the olympics if they messed up?


Are you ever gunna teach me anything, Mom?


Quick and easy rarely ever is!


Ick. What in the world? Where did you get this music? … Oh, wait. I hate to admit it, but I kinda like it.


Look, Mom. My stomach muscles already have a four-pack. I only need two more.