Recently overheard 3

My friend, Freddie, has mentioned several times that she thinks it would be hilarious to be a fly on my wall. Ha!

The conversations inside our home & car this week have dished out a plethora of humorous comments. When I was done laughing, I started writing them down… enjoy.


“This is the most embarrassing day of my life.” / “That’s my job- embarrassing my kid when they’re preteens.” /” Well, you’re doing a great job!”


“Stop singing, Dude.”


“I’m pretty sure Batman & Robin are Christians.”


“I get to choose what we play cuz I’M the BIRTHDAY boy!”/ “NO. I get to choose what we play cuz I’m the GUEST!”


“All this coloring is making me really tired.”


“That’s so weird… Some people are really weird.” (says the girl wearing this mask)


“I’m pretty sure that my sister doesn’t have any jewels in her crown!”


“Oh, you’re writing a story? Here’s a story for ya. ‘Once upon a time my sister was a mean bean. The end.’ There!”


“Mom, when we have kids you’re gunna be the most boring Grandma of all time because you never spend your money on candy!”


“MOM! There’s a man walking around outside our window! (and their window is on the 3rd floor… but they were right!)



When he’s away… again!


One of my sweet friend’s husband has a job that keeps him traveling… often. She tweeted recently about how bored & lonely she gets. Before we had kids… and even all these years later, when my Man travels, I view my time & energy differently.   Here’s a list of the many things I often do while he’s away… and please, add your own list at the end. (He still travels & I’m always happy for new ideas!)

-Paint a room in the house (or a “border” back in the 90’s, or the kitchen floor

a few years ago)

– Craft projects that I’ve been wanting to finish (or start)

– Hang out with people from church that I’m mentoring

– Watch the TV shows that I love but he hates

– Color my hair (it used to be all sorts of colors during our early years of marriage

when he traveled a lot & I was my own hairdresser!)

– Bake… for neighbors, friends & to stock up our freezer

-Talk on the phone every night & catch up with all my friends

– Call my Mom and his parents, especially if he’s overseas (and even more so

before facebook was ever present)

– Stay up too late. (Not because I’m scared, but somehow my brain thinks

“he’s coming home and I wanna wait up”)

-Make meals that do NOT meet all the food-group-requirements

(tonight was hamburger helper… from a BOX! Abimanation!)

-Send him way more text messages than he will have opportunity to respond to

(This, of course, is a more recent development. it used to be emails & before that it

was an occasional phone call… if there was a  land line nearby. Weird, huh?)

-Miss him. Pray for him

– Scramble to straighten up the house the night before he comes home

(this has faded slightly over the years as the “kid count” has grown! )

– I don’t worry, though. He’s a man who follows Jesus and doing HIS will

put my Man exactly where he’s supposed to be.




An Anniversary by the Numbers


It was 22 years ago today that

I became the bride & wife of the man I

love, adore, respect and many other things

for which I thank JESUS daily!





22 yrs of marriage

5 children

12 addresses

5 states

7 places of ministry

16 cars    (I think… if you count “Sgt”)

4 couches

1 coffee table

5 dogs

many struggles

countless joys

1000’s of lives introduced to Jesus

0 thoughts of divorce

0 times it was questioned if it “was the right thing to do”

0 worries about unfaithfulness

A house is built by wisdom and becomes strong through good sense.

Through knowledge it’s rooms are filled with all sorts of precious

riches & valuables. Proverbs 24:3,4


I love you, Chilly!