Unbound Birth, A Book Review (that I love)

I’m honored to be a teeny tiny part of this newly released book  which is now available on Amazon and this website.

My five kids all arrived with great celebration and joy. Our first was an emergency c-section and the other four were born completely natural (no pain meds) and all of them were born in a hospital. I had NO idea how rare this occurence has become until I was hailed a “tough lady” and a “hero” by the nursing staff after my last baby was born five years ago.

The author of this book, Jennifer, shares her stories of natural child-birth from inside the walls of the hospital (don’t worry, no gross details),  and she goes on to give inspiration and motivation if you desire to pursue that same type of birth experience.  You’ll find practical information and ideas on how to implement it. You’ll even find a couple of quotes from me.  (Jennifer requested several of us “natural moms” to share our thoughts  and/or stories on this matter.  When she sent me the pre-released copy I was totally surprised to see my own name is big print on a page near the front. 🙂   Thanks, Jennifer. ( Follow her Twitter @unboundbirth or on Facebook, too)

Many of you reading this are young & still growing your families. This book will enrich, inspire and empower you with information to make quality decisions. It’s a quick read and won’t even dent your wallet.

Child birth rivals nothing else you’ve ever experienced. It’s a gift! A joy. To bring one of God’s precious little ones into the world not only endears us to that tiny baby, but allows us another peak into the true love of The Father.