An Eliezer Attitude

Have you thought of Eliezer lately?  He’s not really the guy that pops in your head when you’re talking about people in the Bible. But I’ve been most impressed with his story as I read Genesis this month.  Here’s his story in a bullet list:

Head Servant to Abraham

– In line to inherit all of Abraham’s wealth because there is no heir by birth

– God says otherwise & promises a son

– Years later the promised son is born to Abraham & Sarah; He’s named Isaac

– 40 yrs. later, Isaac needs a wife from Abraham’s home town, so Eliezer is called in

– Abraham asks him to promise to find an heir from the right place

– Eliezer agrees to the request and the very long journey that it requires

– He successfully finds the proper wife for the heir that literally took the inheritance away from him

– He falls on his face and worships God!

Are you seeing this?  Do you get this?!  Eliezer was all set; his future was hooked up! He was gunna go from servant to prince. Then, the baby heir is born. Ever wonder if Eliezer considered some evil plot to harm the little brat that stole what was already his? (Sounds like a plot in a movie, huh?)  Ever wonder if he battled jealousy on his long trip to Abraham’s homeland? Do you think he toyed with the idea of just takin’ the 10 loaded camels and hittin’ the road & never returning? Or at the very least just grumbling & complaining to himself because his life was so unfair – God, you were lining up a huge blessing and then took it away. And now I have to just watch it all play out in front of me… but it’s not MY blessing… it all belongs to Isaac! This cannot be You plan, is it?

Yet, we have NO record of anger, jealousy or evil plots. NONE! He remained a trusted and faithful servant to his master. So trustworthy that he was given the HUGE task of finding a wife.  Here is what we DO know about Eliezer:

– Still had seniority among the household servants

– Had a deep desire to do the right thing

– Intrusted with a job that his master couldn’t even trust to the heir

– Asked God for help

– Waited for God’s direction & answer

– Bowed to the ground in sincere worship & praise to God

WOW!  Here’s a guy that had every “right” to be ticked off, angry and bitter. He chose otherwise, and his mater could trust him.

We won’t know how or if Eliezer was “blessed” on earth for his faithfulness &  good attitude, but I’m sure he is in Heaven!

What’s our excuse for allowing unfair situations to breed anger and grow bitterness?

Remember… we are God’s servants. SERVANTS! and a bitter-FREE heart is a heart that my master can trust! 🙂