Books I read this Summer, Part 1 of 2

There was certainly a connecting theme to all the books I read… and I did not plan that…
apparently God did!  🙂  Funny how He does that! hee hee

by Mark Batterson

Little & easy to read,  I could’ve flown through this book;
but I didn’t want it. I’d read a section, then ponder it and
think how I should/would apply it. The powerful
reminders to pray specific scriptures & promises for my
children shot new life into my prayer time.  Practical and
true stories of real parents & answered prayer
encouraged and made me cry (wonderful tears, of course!).

Every parent will be better for having read this book… and
their children will CERTAINLY benefit, too!



THE YADA YADA PRAYER GROUP GETS ROLLING (Book #6 in series) by Neta Jackson

I started this series years ago… it totally reflects the variety of woman in our church and the small group
that I attend every Saturday morning. I’ve had book #6 for a few years and totally forgot about it. On
vacation I completely enjoyed reading of the situations, prayers and miracles shared in this novel.
Although the story is fictional, every scenerio reflects a realistic situation. The answered prayer in the story
reminded me of the joy of praying for the each other, the endearing bonds it creates with those involved,
the faith that grows during tender times alone with Jesus, and the thrill of recognizing God’s hand at work!
At the end of this book I got so excited thinking that I’d actually completed a SIX book series… only to read
the epilogue and discover that there’s a BOOK SEVEN!  … but my friend has already purchased it and… and I’m gunna read it soon!


In a few days I’ll tell you about two more books!