Am I messin’ them up?



I’m startled awake.

“Oh, Jesus. Help me. Am I screwing up my kids?”

(A thought/prayer that crosses my mind pretty often.)


When I was pregnant with our oldest child (almost 20 yrs ago), someone told me this little thought:

“If you are concerned that you could be doing more with & for your child then it shows that you care, and you’re probably doing a great job. But to think you’re doing just fine all the time probably shows a selfish pride that translates into poor parenting.”

True! True! But I must take it a step further…  because I’m aware of my weaknesses I’m driven to spend time with Jesus…everyday!  He teaches me, corrects me and refocuses my thoughts & attitudes. He assures me of His love & personal involvement in our lives… cuz we’re committed to Him.

Take heart, my parenting-friend. Sure, you’re capable of screwing up your kids. So, invest in a real relationship with Jesus; He made us & our kids.. He knows how we’re wired & what will work best.  And remember… The day we stop wondering if we can be a better parent is the day we should be concerned!


(NOTE: This post is NOT condoning laziness or negligence, but rather an encouragement to be diligent and properly focused.)