Tricky Daughters, Book Review

My daughters played a horrible trick on me a couple
summers ago while we were on vacation!
Mariah & Courtney had been telling me for a long time
that I should read a wonderful series of books called,
“The Mark of the Lion” by Francine Rivers.  Since I
love other books by this author, I knew they were right.
So I grabbed book #1 and brought it on our family vacation
that year.

Moments into the book and I knew I couldn’t put it down.
I read  & read…. and then, turned that last page (which is
always kind of bittersweet for me) and …

A total cliff-hanger!!!!!
And I did NOT bring the second book in the series!!!
“Noooo!  Girls, why didn’t you TELL me to
bring the second book?  Why?  I’m going nuts!  Why?”

Their response:  giggles
(Now that I think of this… I “owe” them one! ha!)

I had to wait for several days before we returned home and
then accomplished nothing for the couple of days that followed
because all I could do was read!  SO GOOD!

So… keep these two things in mind if you’re going to read these books:

1. Make sure you do NOT read the summaries and reviews beforehand

2. Have book #2 within reach BEFORE you start reading #1


Summer Reads- book reviews

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged (about much of anything), so here’s a few
books I’ve enjoyed.



This little ebook provides lots of practical ideas, info and links.
It points out the sneaky marketing schemes that are used against us,
gives reasonable advice about couponing (not craziness), talks about
stockpiling your pantry (the smart way, not the hoarding way), and
lots of other useful things.  Links  and recipes are included.

Although this isn’t all brand new info to me, it was inspiring and
I’ve referred to the info & links several times in since reading it.
I gave it a 4 of 5 stars on my Good Reads account.





Biblical fiction grabs my attention so quickly!
This book takes place right after Jesus returns
to Heaven. The character’s are believable and
begin a search for the truth about Jesus.  It is
a great reminder of how crazy Christianity can
sound to those who haven’t yet met Jesus personally.
It’s the first of a series and I’ve ordered the next book
to read on our vacation.  I gave it 5/5 stars!




MICHAL is part of a series about the wives of King David.
Although this isn’t my favorite Biblical novel about David,
I did really enjoy learning more about the history of ancient
kings, wives and palace life. Authors like Smith do so much
research into history, geography and Biblical details, that
when I read the real stories in the Bible I have a bit more
understanding as well as reminders that these people are not
Biblical “characters” but REAL people… like us!
I rated this 4/5 stars and have ordered another book in
this series… Abigail.

Perhaps later this week I’ll tell you about a series that is in my
VERY top favorite of all time!!!!