Soak in The Water

We have LOTS of dishes!
My hands know the kitchen sink all too well.
This weekend I was washing a stack of dishes & grabbed
a pan coated in yucky, dried grossness. (How is it possible
that this icky mess was once tasty food?)

As I filled that pot with water I said to myself,
“Soaking in water does wonders. It chips away the
crusty grossness.”
And then the Holy Spirit cleared His throat.
“Ehh Hem.”

What, Lord?

“If you’d sit more quietly in my presence I could
chip away at the crusty stuff in your life; the
attitudes that are old, dried, itchy & really
bothering you.”


Yes… indeed.
The next morning when I was reading The Word I forced
my mind to shush up, to be still, to soak in the Words
I was reading. Then quietly He whispered to my heart,
proving that He sees me better than I see myself;
showing me the yucky junk that has attached itself to
my thoughts; pointing out how those thoughts lead
to patterns that look nothing like Him. Things I
truly had not even realized were there!

Water does do wonders!
Sitting in His presence;
allowing His wonderfulness wash over me:
soften my heart;

letting my tears be a relief instead of
a frustrated outcry;
loving Him because I’m suddenly awe-struck
by His graciousness to me!

Thank you, Jesus, for speaking to me anytime,
anywhere, through any situation…
every situation…
even the kitchen sink!

John 4:14
But those who drink the water I give will
never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh,
bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.”

Ezekiel 36:25
“Then I will sprinkle clean water on you,
and you will be clean. Your filth will be washed away…”

Talk to Myself Tuesday

My family says I talk to myself, but I prefer to think of it as thinking out loud. Here’s what I’ve been thinking about lately.


– The new little “prayer system” I’ve recently adopted, motivates and encourages me. (I’ll blog about that later)

– As I remember, nearly every springtime I get incredibly tired out. Not sure why. But I just push on & before I know it I’m feeling energetic again.

– When friends disappoint us it’s possible that they’re doing to us the same things we’ve done to them or others in the past… and that’s why we’re sensitive to it

– This is the first Spring in a while that hasn’t left our yard totally soggy. It’s so nice.

– The RC United group I’m a part of is SO wonderful. Ladies. Friends. Encouraging & praying for each other. Every Saturday morning. Texting & praying for each other all week long.

– Knowing a secret that’s happy… So fun! It feels kinda like a mystery show. 🙂

– I guess I can’t get to upset when my little boys say, “crap.” … since they may or may not have learned it from their mom. (Clean it up, Mom!)

– The story of Ruth is such a favorite. Such loyalty, love, dedication, God’s provision. Love it!

– Beginning the Stories of Saul & King David make me excited. No matter how many times I’ve read them there’s always something new to be learned… cuz God’s Word is alive & active! For sure!

– Making cookies & cupcakes for special events this week at Real Church!  Yippee!  So thankful that we can use any abilities to  serve others…even random skills from my kitchen!

– The Good Friday event at Real Church begins with a local art show at 6pm entitled, “Christ, The Cross & the City”  Then songs, poetry, worship, a band, The Word.  Such a unique and personal way to celebrate Christ’s sacrifice for us!! Wanna join us?


Talk-to-Myself-Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My family says I talk to myself, but I prefer to think of it as

“thinking out loud!” But, whatever the case, here’s what’s been on

my mind lately!


– Having a yard to play in, relax in, entertain in… is WONDERFUL!

-Sometimes ladies just feel like crying.

– Dear Parents in the Dr.’s office, stop pulling your kids away from the

cute colorful toys & forcing them read books. We all believe you’re a good

parent. And kids LEARN from PLAY!  Let’um play away those long waiting times.

-Max got the cast off his wrist and he was such a great guy about the entire

process, front in the injury to cast removal.  I’m so proud of him.

– Some people hold their stress in their neck or jaw. But some also

hold stress in their eyes… and when allowed to release it in good,

comforting company, then … well, life feels a lot better all of a sudden.

– Men want to solve problems. Woman want them to listen.

-There’s still a teenager from the 80’s deep down inside of me that

wants to go outside & layout in baby oil and get ridiculously tan. I

know better, so I don’t… but it kinda sounds tempting sometimes. 🙂

– There are many variations of “No-Bake” cookies and I intended to make

lots of them because my kids like treats & I’m not turning on the oven.

– Contrary to what people may think, when I’m home I drink ICE TEA

all day long. Only one Diet Coke a day. (But I do savor that one)

-Dear Lady in the Dr.’s office waiting room with the Jersey accent,

thanks for talking so loudly, with your thick accent, and telling the

story about your flooded basement & the “stuupid plumma” who

messed up everything, and for talking for nearly 20 minutes. We

were all bored in that room & trying not to laugh was truly entertaining!

-What have YOU been thinking about recently?






My family says I talk to myself… but

I prefer to think of it as “thinking outloud!”

Either way, here’s what’s been going on in my head…

– I’m OK with our house being 70-something degrees as long as it’s

not humid. I LIKE feeling warm, enjoying the breeze & “smelling”

the summer smells.

– I begged my husband to refill the gas tank on our grill & then didn’t

plan any meals for the grill this week. Geez!  Sorry, Chilly.

– Over the weekend I started sewing a patriotic banner… something I’ve

wanted to make for years. But, we’ll see if I actually complete it by the 4th.

– When I feel “weary of doing the same things over & over for years” I’m

just being really selfish.

-My kids are not “mine”.. .they’re God’s & He’s just asking me to care for them. Gulp.

– While Chilly’s ministering in another state this week we’re doing tons of kid friendly

activities & eating foods that silence all the food critics at our house.

– Going to the library is such a treat for my kids… and i LOVE that!

– July 4th is one of my VERY favorite Holidays!  I love my country!

– I don’t pray enough for our leaders. Sometimes it feels like I have to agree

with them in order to pray for them, but that’s SO note true.

– After 22 yrs. of marriage I’ve finally listened to my husband’s advice

and started wearing baseball hats.  I still think I look a little weird, but

it gives a whole new option to consider on the “bad hair days!”  yay




Talk to Myself Tuesday, June 21, 2011


My family says that I talk to myself

quite often, but I prefer to think of

it as Thinking Outloud!

Either way, here’s what’s been on my

mind recently…


– Conflict  doesn’t cause a reaction/response, it simply brings out

what’s  already there.

– Being organized saves times, but it takes time to get organized. hmm

– At least I’ve managed to write a to-do list to free my brain from thinking

of these tasks over & over & over again!

– What an honor it was to speak at the Michigan camp for Girls Ministries

– Spending time with tween girls & hearing their thoughts & dreams was so fun!

– Watching such young girls spend over 45 minutes all alone in prayer with Jesus

reminds me that we often underestimate a child’s ability to understand the

truths of The Bible and live them out.

– We’re doing well with NOT turning on the air conditioning yet.. I’m proud

of us. It makes it feel like summer

– I keep a huge calendar of the families events & plans… but it doesn’t work

unless I actually LOOK at it fairy often. Found that out the hard way yesterday.

– If you admire someone & would love for them to mentor you, start with

what they’re already offering … blogs, books, attend places/ministeris

they’re already involved in.  Don’t expect them to dedicate more time

and energy to you when you’re not even utilizing the tools they’re giving

to you.

– I’m way over due for a little wii Just Dance!

– This Sunday’s BIG SPLASH at Belle Isle is a highlight of our summer

(You’re invited, too! Click the first link to see more details)

Jump at the opportunity to help someone else. It’s exercise for your whole being!


Talk-to-Myself Tuesday, Feb.15, 2011

My family says I talk to myself, but

I prefer to think of it as “Thinking  Out loud!”

Either way, here’s what I’ve been saying…

– Although the Valentine “holiday” is  silly, all the cute

hearts & red stuff is adorable

– Having a shelf of bowls & plates crash down on me

the first thing on Saturday morning is NOT my favorite


– When helicopters with search lights fly around & around

our neighbor I focus my thoughts on what is true & cannot

allow “what if” thoughts to linger

– Checkers… not a favorite, but now that Max

wants to play constantly… well, they’re ok

– Part of “doing a good job” is admitting when you haven’t…

(and then saying “I’m sorry!”)

-Is there anything quite as lovely as bowl of

fluffy pink frosting? mmm

– I hope all the “snow-haters” are happy with themselves now that

we have this icky slushy mess & ice-cold rain rain on the way. ICK!-

-I’m pretty sure that my hair is the only very cool thing about me

– Ignorance & arrogance often look (and act) the same

– Am I the only one who still keeps addresses in an old-school

rolodex?  (and a broken down one, at that!)

– Heaven, JESUS! Seeing His face!!!

-JESUS!  He IS reality!  (Col. 2:17)

– What’s been on your mind lately?