Mom… and Ruth!

Mom & Me. It's an older pic, but I really like it.



Ruth… the lady in the Bible with a book named after her. She’s one of only two with that honor, you know.

Mom… well, my Mom! The lady who raised me & still loves me, prays for me & cares.

They are both dedicated, faithful ladies. Hard workers with a work ethic that far exceeds that of other people. Both ladies have helped shape my life… past, present & future.

In honor of Mother’s Day I’m sharing a few thoughts from my journal; just some notes I’d jotted down after reading the book of Ruth; notes that reflect BOTH of these women. 🙂


Be faithful to God in the “everyday” stuff.
Then, when a crisis arises, you’ll be equipped.

Our struggles with faithLESSness, when added to
God’s unending faithFULness,
causes the everyday and the ordinary to have
breathtaking, eternal results.

Society calls it, “paying it forward,” but
God calls it, “Loving like Jesus.”
Be a giver, sharer, friend, encourager!


Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!  I love you!