So Busy, Again…

A couple of days ago I posted about my frustration with the sentence, “I’m so busy!”

Before I say more I have to clarify the previous post… I’m not against having a full schedule and living life to the fullest. My frustration is with people who TALK about it ALL THE TIME and/or over-commit to things they should say, “no” to. But, let’s assume that you’re NOT one those people…

Let’s supposed that all of us reading this right now have lives  full of useful things that we’re supposed to be doing. If this is actually true, then we’re probably pretty good at knowing our priorities and living by them…. and saying,”YES” when needed and “NO” when necessary.

Although all the magazines & organizing blogs make it sound like “saying no” is a piece of cake, it of course, is NOT!  Saying no involves people… and we like people. So what can you say or do to make the “no” easier? We don’t always mean “No way, Never!” Sometimes it just has to be later, or in a different way.

Here’s a few ideas that will still help you communicate to the person that you care about them but simply cannot say yes at the time and/or way they’ve requested.  And, after reading these ideas PLEASE list your own!

– “Let me take a look at next month and let’s get it on the calendar.”

– When asked to be involved in something big: “All of your ideas are wonderful. Although I’m unable to oversee the bake sale, I’d love to bake cookies and get one of my friends to donate treats, too.” This communicates your interest in their event but sets the limits of your involvement.

– “Yes, getting our kids together sounds fun. We’re planning to be at the park on Friday. Wanna join us then?” (this doesn’t add anything else to your calendar, but does add fun & time with friends)

– “Ooh, what an interesting  idea. Although I’m probably not the right fit for it at this point,  may I have your website so I can pass on to a couple of my friends who may be interested.” (Don’t say this unless you mean it!)

– “This week doesn’t have much wiggle room, but we could plan something for the week of the 17th?”

-“The invitations are just adorable. I bet the rest of the party will be, too. But sadly, I won’t be able to attend. Would it be OK if I drop off a gift the day before the party?”


Notice the absence of  the words busy, crazy, can’t, etc. But it does point out the positive points of the one doing the asking and does not imply that your life is more important than their life.

What are your thoughts & ideas about saying, “NO?”