When he’s away… again!


One of my sweet friend’s husband has a job that keeps him traveling… often. She tweeted recently about how bored & lonely she gets. Before we had kids… and even all these years later, when my Man travels, I view my time & energy differently.   Here’s a list of the many things I often do while he’s away… and please, add your own list at the end. (He still travels & I’m always happy for new ideas!)

-Paint a room in the house (or a “border” back in the 90’s, or the kitchen floor

a few years ago)

– Craft projects that I’ve been wanting to finish (or start)

– Hang out with people from church that I’m mentoring

– Watch the TV shows that I love but he hates

– Color my hair (it used to be all sorts of colors during our early years of marriage

when he traveled a lot & I was my own hairdresser!)

– Bake… for neighbors, friends & to stock up our freezer

-Talk on the phone every night & catch up with all my friends

– Call my Mom and his parents, especially if he’s overseas (and even more so

before facebook was ever present)

– Stay up too late. (Not because I’m scared, but somehow my brain thinks

“he’s coming home and I wanna wait up”)

-Make meals that do NOT meet all the food-group-requirements

(tonight was hamburger helper… from a BOX! Abimanation!)

-Send him way more text messages than he will have opportunity to respond to

(This, of course, is a more recent development. it used to be emails & before that it

was an occasional phone call… if there was a  land line nearby. Weird, huh?)

-Miss him. Pray for him

– Scramble to straighten up the house the night before he comes home

(this has faded slightly over the years as the “kid count” has grown! )

– I don’t worry, though. He’s a man who follows Jesus and doing HIS will

put my Man exactly where he’s supposed to be.