“Gentle Answers” aren’t always my Forte’

The wise King Solomon said “A Gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers flare.” (Proverbs 15:1) Ugh… I can be preetttty  accomplished at making “tempers flare.”  Solomon goes on to says that “the tongue of the wise makes knowledge appealing.”  Oh dear…and ALSO…  “Gentle words are  a tree of life.”  Ouch.

People around me need calm. They need to be attracted to knowledge and given every opportunity to find life!  This especially includes my family. (If you don’t have children this STiLL applies to YOU!)  Here’s a few things that i jotted down in my journal recently that help me use my words positively as a parent.


  • Make eye contact when speaking and listening!  BOTH!
  • Know when it’s time to stop multi-tasking. Busy doesn’t always mean efficient.
  • Be consistent. Set standards. Enforce them & Live By Them.
  • Pick my battles. This doesn’t mean that I stop being consistent. But rather, I decide what the important things are and stick to’um.
  • Be wise. If  I’m constantly learning & growing, then wisdom & knowledge will be more appealing to my kids (and/or those who are following my leadership)
  • Admit mess-ups!  People notice… and kids are people, too. So just ‘fess up, apologize & move on. It leaves a huge impression on everyone… including yourself. (When I apologize it make me think twice before I do it again.)

These ideas certainly apply to all kinds of situations. If you’re in any form of leadership…these can help.  Anything pop out to you? If so, is it because you already do it or you know you should do it?

(So many of you read this blog… so few of you leave your thoughts.)