I’m Title-less


“Woman’s Ministries Director”

“Director of Development,” etc…

Many Pastor’s Wives have titles… it’s kinda the thing to do.

This is not a post to judge them.  (Please make note of that!)


I don’t have another title. People know me as “Netta,”  “Pastor’s Wife,”  or even “Mrs. Chilly” All of these are totally fine with me.  (Actually, this past weekend I was even called, “Nana” by a 60-something year old man who tells me I’m like a Mom to him. Admittedly though, if he starts calling me “Grandma” I may have to draw the line!)

Being title-less provides some great benefits:

1. Forces me to find my identity in what Jesus calls me & how He view me.

2. Reminds me that my first calling as God’s daughter is to love & minister to my husband.

3. Offers freedom to minister to all types, ages and groups of people without the strange stereo typing that can happen. (For example, when i was “youth pastor’s wife” the woman of our church were less accepting of something I may have been able to do for them because they just viewed me as the “Youth Lady.” See what I mean?)

4.  Removes that temptation for me to become overly focused on one area of giftings & neglect the growth of other areas in my life.

5. Keeps me on my knees because my “job” is so diverse that I don’t have time to “get into a groove” and forget that my strength & effectiveness comes from JESUS ONLY!

6. Helps me remember that it’s not my position that will leave an eternal effect on others, but rather my life & character.


Those of us who love Jesus are all called to encourage & disciple others… period.

Titles don’t do that. Love does.