My family says I talk to myself… but

I prefer to think of it as “thinking outloud!”

Either way, here’s what’s been going on in my head…

– I’m OK with our house being 70-something degrees as long as it’s

not humid. I LIKE feeling warm, enjoying the breeze & “smelling”

the summer smells.

– I begged my husband to refill the gas tank on our grill & then didn’t

plan any meals for the grill this week. Geez!  Sorry, Chilly.

– Over the weekend I started sewing a patriotic banner… something I’ve

wanted to make for years. But, we’ll see if I actually complete it by the 4th.

– When I feel “weary of doing the same things over & over for years” I’m

just being really selfish.

-My kids are not “mine”.. .they’re God’s & He’s just asking me to care for them. Gulp.

– While Chilly’s ministering in another state this week we’re doing tons of kid friendly

activities & eating foods that silence all the food critics at our house.

– Going to the library is such a treat for my kids… and i LOVE that!

– July 4th is one of my VERY favorite Holidays!  I love my country!

– I don’t pray enough for our leaders. Sometimes it feels like I have to agree

with them in order to pray for them, but that’s SO note true.

– After 22 yrs. of marriage I’ve finally listened to my husband’s advice

and started wearing baseball hats.  I still think I look a little weird, but

it gives a whole new option to consider on the “bad hair days!”  yay




5 thoughts on “Talk-to-Myself-Tuesday

  1. I was just feeling convicted about praying for our political leaders… strange? or predictable?

    This one heart, one mind thing ROCKS!!!

    Love you!

  2. Can’t wait to see the banner! My kids love the library too. We go to different ones to change it up a bit… But we’ve never been to the Detroit library downtown. We’ll have to do that soon.

    And such a great truth to be reminded of – my kids are not MY kids… They’re God’s! How humbling that he’d pick me!

  3. I love Talk – to – myself Tuesday, it makes me feel less nuts. I’m praying the banner is completed on time, I love the 4th too! If I can find a baseball cap big enough to fit over my wigs and large head I’ll be down for that too. Keep ’em coming this is therapeutic!

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