My family says I talk to myself, but I prefer to

think of it was “thinking out loud!”  But either

way, here’s what I’ve been thinking…



– Reading a lot of blogs can make someone feel like a huge

failure… but people only put their best food forward when

they’re posting thoughts. Keeping that in mind is good.

– Last week at the used book sale I found all the curriculum needed

for my little boys. Now I must be careful cuz this lovely sense of

accomplishment can make me forget that I have much more planning

to do for the fall  (and more books to get for the girls).

– Hundreds of teenagers are arriving in Detroit & Highland Park today to

serve this city; clean vacant lots & ally ways, hand out water, provide free

carnival games in the parks for kids while telling them about Jesus! It’s

so encouraging to have other people join us as we put love into action.

– My Zoe is at camp this week… and it’s so weird without her. It’s only

Tuesday & I miss her.

-In the middle of all that’s happening  I’ve decided to paint

Zoe’s bedroom while she’s away this week. There’s something so satifying

about changing a room with paint. I love the process… and the end result,

of course!

– The  TMJ splint that usually reduces my head/jaw pain has been gagging me

lately. I’m so weird. My gag factor runs on HIGH most of the time. So I haven’t been

able to wear it much lately… and the results of that have been “uncomfortable,”

to say the least.  Jesus, please heal my jaw, or keep me from gagging!

-Plus, this quick-to-gag thing doesn’t work well when talking to a a person

who doesn’t have opportunity for proper hygine!  It’s a struggle to try to

minister to them while squelching constant gags!  Really?  Jesus,  You called

us here, please take away the gag!  (Hey, I’m just praying honestly!)

– Still no news from the insurance company regarding our stolen car. But

we trust in Jesus. (Did I mention that we had a package containing a check stolen

from our porch within the same week as the car disappeared? JESUS)

-Two young ladies who served Real Church for years  are moving

within a week of each other… moving to other states… away… (sigh). I’m

sad… cuz I’ll miss them. They are friends. Sisters. Ladies who have stood

beside me, served with me, loved my kids and … stinkin’, I’m gunna miss them!

– I long to have my family members come see us… where we live, be in our city,

visit our church, meet our neighbors & friends, walk where we walk. The older

I get the more I love & appreciate my family! (and get lonely for them)

What’s been going on in your head lately?






4 thoughts on “Talk-to-Myself-Tuesday

  1. oh man, so much going on! I totally understand that sense of accomplishment thing, it can really sneak in and make me forget the rest of what I was doing!

    I miss my family too.Praying for you, and for healing!

    Love you Netta.

  2. I feeling homesick for my family even though I just saw them six weeks ago.

    What? I have TMJ too!

    I completely agree with “reading blogs” can make one feel like a failure. I am trying to be careful to present the ‘real me’. Plus, it helps that I am not really crafty or domestic. So, even I tried to put myself out there like I was, the pictures I would post would prove me a liar.

    Love you.

  3. HA! My gag reflex is set so high that I was in my twenties before I finally learned how to swallow pills!

    I recomend scented hand lotion for those otherwise scented conversations 🙂

    I’m missing the girls already! Pants’ pile of stuff that’s leaving with her makes me melancholy every time I pass it on my way out the door 🙁 and the fact that I got the same kind of car as Kah is going to be a constant reminder to keep her in my prayers! 🙂

    Praying for your healing!

    Thanks for not being one of those bloggers!

    love and hugs and prayers

  4. I’d just like to clarify…

    You are not one of those bloggers who’s apparent perfection causes readers to feal defeated before they’ve even started. You inspire us to reach for excellence and not be hindered by mistakes or trips in our steps.

    so thanks again for that!

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