Talk to Myself Tuesday

My family says I talk to myself, but I prefer to think of it as thinking out loud. Here’s what I’ve been thinking about lately.


– The new little “prayer system” I’ve recently adopted, motivates and encourages me. (I’ll blog about that later)

– As I remember, nearly every springtime I get incredibly tired out. Not sure why. But I just push on & before I know it I’m feeling energetic again.

– When friends disappoint us it’s possible that they’re doing to us the same things we’ve done to them or others in the past… and that’s why we’re sensitive to it

– This is the first Spring in a while that hasn’t left our yard totally soggy. It’s so nice.

– The RC United group I’m a part of is SO wonderful. Ladies. Friends. Encouraging & praying for each other. Every Saturday morning. Texting & praying for each other all week long.

– Knowing a secret that’s happy… So fun! It feels kinda like a mystery show. 🙂

– I guess I can’t get to upset when my little boys say, “crap.” … since they may or may not have learned it from their mom. (Clean it up, Mom!)

– The story of Ruth is such a favorite. Such loyalty, love, dedication, God’s provision. Love it!

– Beginning the Stories of Saul & King David make me excited. No matter how many times I’ve read them there’s always something new to be learned… cuz God’s Word is alive & active! For sure!

– Making cookies & cupcakes for special events this week at Real Church!  Yippee!  So thankful that we can use any abilities to  serve others…even random skills from my kitchen!

– The Good Friday event at Real Church begins with a local art show at 6pm entitled, “Christ, The Cross & the City”  Then songs, poetry, worship, a band, The Word.  Such a unique and personal way to celebrate Christ’s sacrifice for us!! Wanna join us?


2 thoughts on “Talk to Myself Tuesday

  1. I made a wrong turn one day and said “oh stink!” Then I heard a little voice from the back seat ask, “Mom, what’s a ‘stink’?” Something that smells, dear. Lol. They’re always listening!

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