Talk-to-Myself Tuesday, Feb.15, 2011

My family says I talk to myself, but

I prefer to think of it as “Thinking  Out loud!”

Either way, here’s what I’ve been saying…

– Although the Valentine “holiday” is  silly, all the cute

hearts & red stuff is adorable

– Having a shelf of bowls & plates crash down on me

the first thing on Saturday morning is NOT my favorite


– When helicopters with search lights fly around & around

our neighbor I focus my thoughts on what is true & cannot

allow “what if” thoughts to linger

– Checkers… not a favorite, but now that Max

wants to play constantly… well, they’re ok

– Part of “doing a good job” is admitting when you haven’t…

(and then saying “I’m sorry!”)

-Is there anything quite as lovely as bowl of

fluffy pink frosting? mmm

– I hope all the “snow-haters” are happy with themselves now that

we have this icky slushy mess & ice-cold rain rain on the way. ICK!-

-I’m pretty sure that my hair is the only very cool thing about me

– Ignorance & arrogance often look (and act) the same

– Am I the only one who still keeps addresses in an old-school

rolodex?  (and a broken down one, at that!)

– Heaven, JESUS! Seeing His face!!!

-JESUS!  He IS reality!  (Col. 2:17)

– What’s been on your mind lately?

10 thoughts on “Talk-to-Myself Tuesday, Feb.15, 2011

  1. My mom uses a Roledex still… But you may not have wanted to know that. 😉

    And for the record, your hair is cool, but it’s not the only thing about you that is!

    What’s been on my mind?
    – warm weather coming soon!
    – catching up on cleaning/laundry from being in Texas last week
    – taxes are finally done. What a relief.
    – starting to think about kindergarten for Sam next year
    – potty training is no fun. But necessary. (Addi)
    – I need to be in the Word more and more!

  2. Dear Netta, you hair is not the ONLY cool thing about you 🙂

    p.s. i cannot believe you own/use a rolodex still. that is hilarious!!

    much love

  3. Part of “doing a good job” is admitting when you haven’t… (and then saying “I’m sorry!”)

    Challenged me today, thanks.
    On my mind?
    – I just got this cool new phone so I can do fun things – like read your blog
    – I better not let this phone take up too much time.
    – so many opportunities to love people
    – what faults do I have that I’m refusing to see and deal with?

  4. “Part of doing a good job is admitting when you haven’t…”

    So true! Oftentimes I just try to keep going and cover up my mess ups instead of correcting them and apologizing. I don’t want to spend my energy defending myself or making excuses! I want to make things right! Thanks for the encouragement =)

  5. Your hair is cool..but you ARE way cooler. I know it’s already been said, but I felt the need to reinforce it.

    And..Yay Jesus!!!!!!!

    On my mind:
    – My list keeps growing!
    – Patience patience patience.
    – I need a new devo candle scent. The only one I could find in my house is “cookie.” Makes Jesus seem a little too sweet.
    – I feel like snuggling with Will.

  6. more than just your hair is cool!

    I love Valentinie’s stuff too! I buy lots and lots of it! AND LOTS!!!

    on my mind… keep your eyes focused on Jesus when things keep crashing… its been a week of crashing… whatever is true, noble, admirable…

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