Talk-to-myself-Tuesday, from Florida


My family says I talk to myself, but I prefer to

think of it was “thinking out loud!”  But either

way, here’s what I’ve been thinking…

-Vacations … I just can’t say enough about them

– A vacation should most definately be more than a week, cuz it’s takes several

days to unwind and then several at the end to pack up & clean up. So you need

plenty inbetween

-The ocean rocks… well, to be exact it “rolls.”  hee hee

-Having more than one swimsuit is nice (first time ever)

-I can’t imagine retirement… which is good, I guess, since it’s several decades away

– My kids love the water… they take after their Dad. I prefer the beach, a good book,

tan/sunscreen lotion and a large ice tea (in the foam cup I’ve saved from Chick-fil-a)

– If new habits can be formed in 21 days… I better be careful, this vacation thing

could be hard to break

– I’ve played Speed, Uno, Skipo, War, Checkers everday

with one or more of my kids. They crack me up

-My kids can talk some serious smack when we play games – I have

NO idea where they get it!  🙂

-Seafood is good… and….  I keep trying to LOVE it.

Right now I’m still at a good solid, “LIKE”

– Seashells fascinate me. I cannot stop picking them up

-Although I’ve collected several zillions shells over the years,

this is the first time I’ve actually made them into a craft… and already

have the supplies to make more.  Yay me – who usually has ideas bigger

than her abilities & time!  hee hee

-I’ve started thinking about the upcoming school year… and I’m excited…


– My sweet friend lost her brother in an accident while I’ve been outa state.

The night, when I’m staring out the window at the huge, dark ocean, I cry.

For her. Her family. And pray for God’s  mercy in all those situations.

-Having time away from the “norm” causes me to hug & snuggle more,

play more, think more, laugh more, read more, thank more and

praise Jesus continually!



4 thoughts on “Talk-to-myself-Tuesday, from Florida

  1. Your “21 days to make a habit” statement made me lol! Glad you guys are unable to unwind, relax, & enjoy each other. You deserve it!

  2. Every time I read this it chokes me up and brings me to tears. In the mist of your vacation and family fun time u pause and pray for my family during this very difficult and challenging time. Now, that is…no YOU ARE a TRUE FRIEND! Much luv from the ‘D.’ Can’t wait to see ya when you return.

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