Talk-to-Myself-Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My family says I talk to myself, but I prefer to think of it as

“thinking out loud!” But, whatever the case, here’s what’s been on

my mind lately!


– Having a yard to play in, relax in, entertain in… is WONDERFUL!

-Sometimes ladies just feel like crying.

– Dear Parents in the Dr.’s office, stop pulling your kids away from the

cute colorful toys & forcing them read books. We all believe you’re a good

parent. And kids LEARN from PLAY!  Let’um play away those long waiting times.

-Max got the cast off his wrist and he was such a great guy about the entire

process, front in the injury to cast removal.  I’m so proud of him.

– Some people hold their stress in their neck or jaw. But some also

hold stress in their eyes… and when allowed to release it in good,

comforting company, then … well, life feels a lot better all of a sudden.

– Men want to solve problems. Woman want them to listen.

-There’s still a teenager from the 80’s deep down inside of me that

wants to go outside & layout in baby oil and get ridiculously tan. I

know better, so I don’t… but it kinda sounds tempting sometimes. 🙂

– There are many variations of “No-Bake” cookies and I intended to make

lots of them because my kids like treats & I’m not turning on the oven.

– Contrary to what people may think, when I’m home I drink ICE TEA

all day long. Only one Diet Coke a day. (But I do savor that one)

-Dear Lady in the Dr.’s office waiting room with the Jersey accent,

thanks for talking so loudly, with your thick accent, and telling the

story about your flooded basement & the “stuupid plumma” who

messed up everything, and for talking for nearly 20 minutes. We

were all bored in that room & trying not to laugh was truly entertaining!

-What have YOU been thinking about recently?



7 thoughts on “Talk-to-Myself-Tuesday, July 12, 2011

  1. I’ve been thinking about homeschooling Samuel very soon & how nervous I’m getting about it.

    Also trying to get back to a “normal” schedule, or at least have a menu… Or at least… Something? Lol

    And how many friends I have & how awesome they are. I am so blessed to have a “family” where I have no family.

    • Ruth, I think you’re going to do awesome homeschooling!!! especially if you feel lead by God to do it, it might not be easy everyday, but it will be worth it, and you will be great!

  2. have I told you lately how much you bless me by just being REAL and HUMAN!

    I think the best kind of leader is the kind who looks at their followers and says, “You can do it!” and then shows us how.

    Thanks for not pretending to be perfect. It would be so much easier for me to slack off and not get things done if I had been convinced that perfection was an option. EXCELLENCE… now THAT is attainable.


    ps – I’ve definitely done my share of crying “for no reason” lately… as well as Jaime’s share 😉 just ask her hehehe.

  3. Netta I love you! The “randomness” in this blog is just so perfect! (not that its random but you know how our thoughts can jump from unrelated topics) and reading this blog reminds me that I’m not so crazy and it also reminds me of how much I miss hanging out with you! Hoping that can be remedied real soon!
    Love you!!!

  4. Oh Netta, how refreshing to know I’m not the only one who has complete conversations all by myself!
    My family laughs at me around dinner time when I open the fridge and ask myself what they might like for dinner and then decide for them based on my energy level!
    Ah, how about making that chicken? Um, no they don’t want that, take too long to thaw. Maybe pasta, that’s fairly easy. Oh darn, no sauce. Huh- maybe sandwiches, it is pretty hot out- yeah, that’s what they want- sandwiches!! again! LOL thanks for sharing your realness!! looking forward to the brunch! Blessings,

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