Talk to Myself Tuesday, July 5th

My family tell me I talk to myself but I prefer to

think of it as thinking out loud. Either way, here’s

what’s been spinning around in my head.


– Although it’s not a surprise, it still sorta messes with my brain when

I’m shopping for summer camp items and school supplies are being

stocked at the end of the same isle.  GRR

– July 4th is SUCH a favorite holiday for me!  Red, White & Blue

just makes my heart warm and eyes teary! I love the USA!

– The patriotic banner that I started last week was completed by the holiday.

Actually I cut SO many triangles that I made two. One for the little trees

outside and one for the mantle inside the house. (tomorrow I’ll post a mini

Wordless tutorial about how I made it)

– Patriotic music is hard to find. It’s either by a country singer (that’s out),

a brass band (not a bad thing unless you want your kids to learn the

words to the songs) or an opera sounding singer that kinda burns my ear drums.

I spent a long, long time hunting songs for this season… found a few… very few.

-Friends that are like family are such a  gift!


-While Chilly was outa state last week speaking at a youth camp, the Littles & I

did lotsa “kid-friendly” things & ate lotsa borderline junk food. Happy to be eating

extra veggies this week.

-Fireworks. Pretty sure you don’t ever have to outgrow those! Yay!

-The curly fries from Hardees are pretty good… that surprised me. (I learned this

bit of knowledge last week during “all-kid” week.)

-The UPWARD cheerleading camp that Zoe attended  last week was wonderful,

fun and full of the love & truth of Jesus! Thanks, Coaches! We love you!


– I have jury duty this week… hoping that my number is NOT called, but

realizing that loving my country includes serving. And this is one way that I

may be called upon to do just that. Oh… we’ll find out.

– I’ve never actually stepped foot inside a court room…ever. Is that weird?

-Watching kids run through the sprinkler is so much fun! The faces they

make are hilarious!!

– Playing FOUR SQUARE in the street on the 4th of July is AWESOME!!!

(That’s me getting the “server” out! ha!)

-I’ve started praying more specifically for our city and national


– One of my sons begged me to buy rhubarb at the Eastern Market on Saturday.

Hey, if they want fruit that tastes like veggies, I’ll buy it. And I’m gunna make

it into a yummy cobbler… on the grill. Too hot for the oven.

-I really need to work on Homeschool stuff… UGH!  But it’s summer & we’re

having a GREAT time! My list of “Things to do” is still just a mental list… it

hasn’t even made it to paper yet.  Sigh… it’s going quickly.

– I’ve allowed myself to sleep in until 7am or slightly later,

but my littlest guy has often been waking up soon afterward.

This isn’t working. Sigh. But time with Jesus … all alone…

is totally worth getting up early!  TOTALLY. I’m getting up sooner!







3 thoughts on “Talk to Myself Tuesday, July 5th

  1. Such fun things to talk to yourself about this week! 🙂 I hear you about the kids waking up early… It’s been a frustrating couple of weeks, but yeah, you’re right. Definitely worth time with Jesus! Oh, and if your rhubarb cobbler turns out well, can I have the recipe + instructions on how to do it on the grill? That’s so cool!

  2. It doesn’t get dark until 11pm here and it’s light again by 4:30am! My kids are up late and waking up early… when I tell them it’s time to sleep, they are like… ‘But it’s light!’ Even I am confused.

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