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No blog?


Here’s what I mean…

and why…




While reading Mark 3, I just had to stop & praise Him for being so

kind & patient, even when other people must’ve driven Him crazy.

(The very people He made, who then questioned His every move & word)

[box]Only those who are truly confident can display real humility.[/box]


I’m far from humble… especially at home.

So I must be far from confident.

Sigh… again.

Then, the conversation went something like this…

“Lord Jesus, confidence usually alludes me most

at home cuz I’m often frustrated about “always feeling behind”

and having an ever-growing ‘to-do’ list.

I just cannot do everything I’m supposed to.”

“Then what will you cut out?”

“Well, um.. I like everything! (except cleaning house… can I cut that? hee hee)

Seriously, Lord, what am I supposed to do? Please. Please instruct me.”


“Blogs? My blog? What blogs?”

“The many “Mom-Homeschooler-Craft-Decorating-Homemaker”

type blogs that you subscribe to via your email…

Stop reading those… until at least Easter.”

“Um, OK. Why?”

They take up your time, attention and make you feel that you’re

not living up to some standard. They make you feel like you’re

failing. Stop comparing yourself. Stop reading them for a while.

Fast them.

(sigh… the pleasant, happy kind)  “Yes, Lord!”

And, also… make more eye contact with your kids.

Look at them. Seeing their faces reminds you of how much

you love them & that makes being patient much easier.

(whipping tears) “Yes, Thank You, Jesus. Thank You.

Oh, I love You so much!”




7 thoughts on “The “No Blog” Blog

  1. so, what you’re saying is that you’re getting ‘blog-jammed’?! that some traffic you don’t need.
    ~ I think you do awesome at home, by the way…


  2. That’s so good, Netta. It’s “funny” to think you compare yourself with other homemaker blogs, etc. You do such a great job and I look up to YOU! 🙂 Thanks for being honest, sharing your heart (and conversation with God), and being a faithful child of God. And I *love* that about looking your children in the face. He is a wise Daddy. I’m getting tears now thinking of how he must look ME in the face to have patience with me as his child. Wow. Isn’t motherhood amazing? God is so good!

  3. whipping tears myself. Oh the memories! You ARE doing a GRRRRRRRRREAT job with your home and family! I am so blessed to see your example and know that parenting that is submited to Christ WORKS! And not only that! It conquers obsticles! It makes for whole and healthy kids! WHOOOOT!

    Thanks again for being transparent and showing by your example that too many good things isn’t good 🙂 editing life by the prompting of our loving Abba is sooooooooo good!

    LOVE YOU!!!!

    PS – just thought you should know that yours is the first blog I read this Monday morning, and the one I most looked forward to as I went to bed last night, AND I’m so glad I visited! Hugs going verticle and prayers horizontal for my favorite mummy in New Center and her FABULOUS kids! 🙂

  4. For me my time waster is Facebook. So, I have done the same and gave it up for until atleast Easter. BTW, I am the one that meet you on Sat at Upwards.

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