The Old & The New… Kitchen!

-Last Saturday we moved to our beautiful historic home in Detroit
– Many of you gave us some serious help… and it was so much fun!

– Some others of you are asking for pictures
– Here’s a few that tell a snippet of the story of this past week

Kitchen… Before. This house was empty for a year or so.

The horrid wallpaper boarder has been painted over &
rewall papered SEVERAL times..
THAT was a pain.
(Wallpaper is probably made in Hades!)

(If I EVER even consider hanging wallpaper, please read
the following statement to me:

“Dear Netta, make a tight fist. Hold out your arm.
Now punch yourself repeatedly in the head with your
full strength until you remember how much you totally
 hate the entire wallpaper process!”)

Primed & ready to paint

The doors were sanded, primed & painted in the grass
and then the garage.

And NOW…
A corner of the beautiful finished product!
(More to come… when I finish unpacking everything!)

6 thoughts on “The Old & The New… Kitchen!

  1. I've just printed the anti-wallpaper statement. It will be in safe keeping until the day you udder the words wallpaper, which will lead me to shout…I mean read it to you.

  2. LOL! Thanks everyone!
    I will post more pics. Just uploaded some off my camera now. Still have the floors to finish in the kitchen, though.
    Thanks for commenting.

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