The Right Order

(Cute Shepherds)

Angels told them the Great message…

and then sang…the first Christmas Carols!
Then Shepherds go, “Hey, The Lord just told us
something great. We can’t sit around. 
We’ve GOT to go see this baby!”
They sought Him out… and found Jesus.
THEN… they rejoiced & spread the news all around.
And people were amazed at their words.
Don’t try to tell people about Jesus & expect them to
be amazed at the Story if you haven’t
first spent time seeking Him out, seeing Him, Face-to-Face..
being with your Savior & Lord.
Only when we’ve been with Him first will other people
take note of our words (and our life).
Have you spent time with Jesus today?
What did you do?
Where was it?
What did He say to you today?

3 thoughts on “The Right Order

  1. I generally spend set-aside time with Jesus in the evening, so I'm answering for yesterday. YES!!!What did you do? I spent some time in the Word and in prayer and journaled… it was GOOD!!!!
    Where was it? On my bed. On nights when I'm tired by the time I get to my devos I sit at my desk. But if I'm alert, I'll sit on my bed because it's more comfy.
    What did He say to you today? – Yesterday I actually started my day with a bad attitude(probabley caused by half hearted time spent the night before) I was complaining & whining & my Abba stops me in my tracks. "I'm sorry", He says, "What exactly do you think you're entitled to?!" (we talk like this some times) OUCH!!! every good GIFT comes from Him. I'm not ENTITLED to ANY OF IT!!!

    Thanks for being willing to ask uncomfy questions and give such gracious wisdom and advice! I love you!!!

  2. This is really good Netta! It is so true I cannot have the expectations that Jesus is going to work through me if I am not even spending time with Jesus! Thanks Netta!

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